Huron County jail chiller failing

Problem could cost up to $180,000 to fix.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 15, 2014


The Huron County commissioners have a major decision to make involving the jail.

The jail chiller, which is the key component to the cooling system, is composed of four compressors. One of those compressors has failed and a second is struggling, officials said.

The chiller, which has had compressors replaced before, is 17 years old.

The commissioners can either replace the failing compressors at an undetermined cost or purchase a new chiller for $150,000 to $180,000.

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This decision should be easy. Tell the inmates it's gonna be a long hot summer, and get a fan for King Dane.


Cooling system? What's that? Most here with an agriculture background remember NOT having air-conditioning growing up. Why waste OUR tax $$?


Prisoners have air. They don't in The Mexican Jails or any of the Middle East, South America etc.

JMOP's picture

Yeah, I remember those, back in my day they were called schools in Ohio. Way back in the 80's and 90's.


There's a lot of schools without air conditioning. I don't think any of ours have air except for the high school.


they dont need no stinking air conditioners.......

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WTF? These jailers have it better than me. Someone cooks three meals a day, no mortage to pay, free lawyers, they get air conditioning too? Next thing ya tell me, there's something wrong with the cable.


Screw the prisoners. There are lots of people who don't have air conditioning and still somehow seem to survive.

Your neighbor

The local nursing home does not even have air conditioning!!! WTH!

Yall Make Me Sick

Sad people who do crimes get to go to jail & have AC, while hard working who don't get into trouble work everyday & struggle to make ends meat may not have it. Really is the decision that hard? Do the crime do the time. If you can't take the heat don't give reasons to be put into the Huron county jail. NO NO NO. There is the answer. Jail isn't a vacation it's a choice they made.


If they get hot, take them out back and hose them down!

Whiskey Tango F...

Our troops who served in the desert didn't have ac! They were protecting our rights and freedom! These losers voluntarily broke the law and forfeited their freedom. So what if they sweat a little? Get them out on the chain gangs for a little fresh air!


Agreed. Bring back work gangs.

They can get fresh air and sunshine while picking up trash or chopping weeds.

Plus, their visibility could potentially make a good example for young people and others to stay straight and law abiding.

Dr. Information

Here is an idea. Replace the units or condense those that provide air to the people working within the jail. Get box fans for the inmates.

swiss family

All are very good suggestions... I would first say that to those that are saying that the nursing homes do not have a/c.. from my experience, usually the elderly seem to be incredibly cold all the time, even with the heat on... and as for the criminals in jail, I agree, they do not deserve a/c, but I also think that without it, they are more prone to be irritable and restless and there would be more fighting and chaos which would essentially put more deputies safety and possibly their lives on the line...

Yall Make Me Sick

They shouldn't have broke the law in the first place & they wouldn't be in jail. It's NOT a place to be comfortable its suppose to be punishment, but to many it's become home.


I agree!


Get some stationary bikes and hook big fans up to them, they want to cool off they take turns pedaling, pretty simple and a lot cheaper than $150-$180K and the inmates get good exercise too!


I am all for this suggestion. Make the inmates cool the Sheriff's Office with the bike turbo hooked to it. Actually making wind by the inmates might be sort of a natural thing for them.


The jail is not exactly designed for "air flow" from the outside. It will need help and all the box fans in the world are not going to help that. I will say though that swiss is on to something about crowd control. Much easier to handle them if they are "comfortable" then they would be if they were miserable and ready to riot at any given time.

I could care less either way though if they get it or not. Like Whiskey Tango said, they gave up their right to the comforts of home.

Whiskey Tango F...

The air handler still works... Just run the fans to get the air changes. Riots? They will be much yo tired to fight after sealing the parking lot by hand. Once the ditch banks are clear, streets are swept, and all the other manual labor gets done, then it will be sleepy time!


Wash their Reds with Whites, make pink uniforms, give them tents in excercise area. Sheriff Joe does not give his inmates AIR CONDITIONERS in Arizona.. I am sorry but all I have here at my working home is a fan at the top of the basement steps to draw cool air up. We have no air conditioners, and work! AWW Poor inmates and Sheriff, don't need air conditioning!


I'm a big fan of Sheriff Joe and how he does things. I've followed him in the news for a long time. If the rest of the country handled their business like Joe, I do believe people would think twice about breaking the law.

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I say only use it for the workers and NOT the inmates. Easy decision.


180k will fund a lot of chain gangs! Pay someone 25k a year to babysit them on the road.


Here ya go Reflector. Lets take this to another level - ALL HERE DO NOT WANT THEM TO HAVE AIRCONDITIONING. Rare that ALL agree on a topic. Terry Boose ! Help US take away their air!


Like most of our elected politicians, Boose is FULL of hot air!


If you take away their air you will have the NAACP, AFL, NFL, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, AARP, Obama, and any other one that wants to say we are treating them inhumanely on our a**es. They'll fix it while my white **s sweats...

Whiskey Tango F...

Bring it! Broke is broke... They can't pay fines and we can't afford chillers. You can't get blood out of a turnip, just ask these losers that are locked up. We are gonna use them against themselves.


Buy Dane an office chiller. Er I mean window AC.