Norwalk schools wait to hear from North Point on superintendent search

Agency helping district find Dennis Doughty's successor.
Cary Ashby
Jun 13, 2014


The Norwalk City Schools board of education has yet to hear back from North Point Educational Service Center about its search for a new superintendent.

Dennis Doughty's retirement is effective July 31. He was the superintendent for five years and has been in education in various local schools and assorted positions for 38 years. He announced Friday that he will take over for Wayne Babcanec as president of Norwalk Catholic School on Aug. 1.

"The applications close on the 27th," Norwalk school board president John Lendrum said. "We don't have anything back yet. It will be a while yet."A\

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I have only one question, what is a superindent?


It must be someone with a huge crevasse?


I see they found the spelling error and corrected it lol

Really are you ...

Weren't they doing the retirement switch-a-roonie thing.