Norwalk schools hires new treasurer

Fostoria resident accepts full-time position.
Cary Ashby
Jun 3, 2014


Norwalk City Schools has found its new full-time treasurer.

The school board unanimously approved hiring Fostoria resident Sue Lehman during a four-minute special meeting Monday. Her two-year contract is effective July 1 and includes up to five additional days for orientation/familiarity purposes.

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She lives an hour away why hire someone who lives so far?


At least she's not double dipping on her salary like the locals do, I mean isn't Goodsite from Norwalk? Isn't she receiving retirement from Norwalk schools while getting paid (almost) 100k a year for her position? I'd rather someone drive the road, than drive up local school taxes because of greed.


Jake, I used to think that about Goodsite, too. But I asked around about the situation, and the answers made sense. First, they have to pay Goodsite's retirement either way. They also have to pay the person in her position, too. So whether it's two people getting the money or one, the money is going to be paid out. Second, for what she does as assistant superintendent and curriculum director, especially with all that the state is dumping on school districts, Norwalk likely would have to pay someone else MORE than what she is making in that position. Check around and look at the salaries at school districts of comparative sizes. They're a website that allows you to check the salaries of all public employees in Ohio; one of the search categories is schools. I've used it, but can remember the URL right now. Maybe someone else can give it. And now, with Norwalk searching for a new superintendent, it will be nice to have Goodsite in her position for the transition year, since she could help with training. That's my 2 cents.

Estrella Damm

Strange as it may sound, I also think they save money with benefits by the double dip.


Explain how ?


@jackal - the district saves money by not having to pay in to a retirement account or for health insurance


Not so. Their health care becomes primary and your retiree secondary. System still pay into your retirement and the employee purchases an annuity with their contribution.


The problem I have with double dippers is I think it would be better to give 2 people good jobs than giving 1 a job that makes them wealthy..Spread the money around..greed is a bad thing..

believe it

How do you know she won't move to be closer?

Fibber Mcgee

Does it really matter?


Because taking into account how far someone lives for a job is illegal.


If someone is willing to drive, does it matter? Are you also paying for her fuel bill and auto expenses?


I think the issue some people are having is that if the unemployment rate is so high in Huron, why hire someone Not from Huron?

But in reality, considering that type of thing is against the law.


Maybe there was nobody local who was qualified?


They are going to pay this new treasurer $85,000 which is more than the previous treasurer made. How can you pay someone with no experience as a treasurer more than what the previous treasurer who had years of experience made.

Also, there was a person from within that was certified as a treasurer that was looked over for the job. The person they hired was only an asst. treasurer so why not keep the interim treasurer and train the one from within for the job in a few months.

Now they are looking for a supt. They say the applications will be closed on June 26 and they would like him to be on board by Aug. 1. How is this going to be possible if they are to do a thorough search. Do do a thorough search, it would necessary to visit the applicants home district. This should take a couple weeks after they supposedly screen the applicants then it would take a couple of months for the new supt to resign from his district.

Most Supt. notify the district between January and March that they are retiring. Why did Mr. Doughty wait until May to notify this board.

I suggest that this board hire Mrs. Goodsite as an interim supt. and give the board a full year to do a thorough search. Maybe this time they can get it right by doing this. Mrs. Goodsite would also probably come out as the most qualified of all applicants if she would apply.

swiss family

If I can also add 1 more thing.. now that the new levy has passed... to all of the applicants for the new Super's position, show them the exact amount of money that they have to run the schools on, and show them all of the programs, and payments and expenses that must be paid and ask them outright... can you run the school system for the next 5 years considering the rate of inflation with the money that is given to you to do it.... if the answer is "NO" and they think they will have to ask the citizens for more and more money, or they will have to make some "difficult cuts" like bus routes and sports and minor elective classes" then do NOT even consider them, BUT if they say that they can and you hire them ... hold them to what they say, and quit asking for more and more money all the time..


thank you keystone for your suggestion, we will give it full consideration


Have to start stocking up again with the new levy !




Ferball...that's an old 1.


@ the system does not have to pay into the retirement or for health insurance...This is not true. The district must still pay into the retirement system as well has the retiree which goes into a separate account. When the retiree retires again, they can only collect on what they contribute, not what the district puts in. This is a new state law effective 2014.

Also, if the district pays for its employees health, they must also pay for the retirees insurance. The retiree cannot use the state's insurance. This was a new law effective a couple of years ago.

The reason I know about the 2 previous statements is because I talked to another person who is "double dipping".

The way the district is saving money is that they are paying less into the retirement system than if they would have hired someone else. Mrs. Goodsite is getting paid less than what they would've paid someone else. Therefore it is a savings for her salary plus the district's share of the retirement. Also, Mrs. Goodsite has saved the district money with her knowledge of state grants.

She also would be able to save the district more money if she was given the title of interim supt. She would earn far less than what a regular supt. would make and also do a better job.


I wonder if she will be able to explain why Norwalk City Schools is still slashing vital programs for our children next year DESPITE the passing of the levy. For the first time in a long time, Norwalk will no longer be providing gifted education next year. I am very disappointed.