EPA killing Ohio coal industry, congressman claims

"Devastating new regulation" could cost hundreds of thousands of jobs and have an adverse effect on the economy.
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Jun 3, 2014


Congressman Bill Johnson (R-Marietta) of Ohio’s Sixth District, which includes portions of Scioto County, says the president and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) are killing the coal industry in Ohio.Johnson released a statement after the EPA announced what Johnson is calling “a devastating new regulation that threatens American jobs, our energy security, and electricity rates around the country”

“Despite the Senate refusing to pass cap-and-trade a few years ago, President Obama is back at it again, circumventing Congress and using the EPA as a bureaucratic arm to enforce his job destroying agenda. Today, the EPA announced a de facto cap-and-trade plan that would have detrimental effects on the coal industry across Eastern and Southeastern Ohio, and the United States. Coal remains the country’s largest source of electricity, and the district I represent has six coal-fired power plants,” Johnson said. “President Obama often says one thing, yet does another. This time, however, he kept his promise from 2008 when he said ‘under my plan of a cap-and-trade system, electricity rates would necessarily skyrocket.’ Americans deserve better than this. In an economy mired by sluggish economic growth, the last thing hard-working taxpayers should be doing is paying higher electricity costs. I don’t know anyone who is against clean air, but the EPA has doled out one red-tape regulation after another, and enough is enough.”

Johnson said the U.S. Chamber estimates that the rule will cost hundreds of thousands of jobs, and have an adverse effect on the economy.

“That’s why I, along with 177 members of Congress, sent a bipartisan letter to EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy to protect electricity providers and consumers from this onerous EPA rule,” Johnson said. “Our letter simply asks McCarthy to extend the comment period on this rule in order for power plants to adequately asses how this rule will impact the industry. Back in February, the House passed the Electricity Security and Affordability Act. This common-sense bill provides realistic guidelines for EPA rules and prevents the administration from going around Congress to enact cap-and-trade policies. I will remain committed to protecting the hard-working American people from unrealistic rules that threaten American electricity producers and consumers.”

The White House stood behind the move on Monday with a statement received by the Daily Times.

“Power plants currently churn out about 40 percent of the carbon pollution in the air we breathe, and contribute to hundreds of thousands of asthma attacks and thousands of heart attacks. And even though we limit the amount of toxic chemicals like mercury, sulfur, and arsenic that power plants can put in our air and water, there are no national limits on the carbon pollution they can release. As President Obama said in his weekly address on Saturday, ‘It’s not smart, it’s not safe, and it doesn’t make sense.’ That’s why today, at the President’s direction, the EPA is taking steps to change that with a proposal that will set the first-ever national carbon pollution limits for our country’s existing power plants.”


By Frank Lewis - The Portsmouth Daily Times, Ohio (MCT)

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I'd rather have Putin than Obama. Right or wrong, at least he stands up and fights for his people wherever they are. Czar Obama does whatever pleases himself and the idiots in Congress who should impeach him and try him as a traitor just sit there smiling.


Thats the patriotic spirit!

funny how quick Conservatives will support anyone other than their President.

Meanwhile this article is about Coal and how it destroys our environment.

Is the math so complex that rather than learn something you would just rather be a traitor?


Obama hasn't given me even one good reason to support him. I'm a true American who was just using an analogy. Obama keeps skirting the congress by using the special government agencies under his control to do as he pleases.


...while separation of powers allows a President some constitutional leeway for leadership, the framers also understood the lust some aspirees have for power and wrote in appropriate checks and balances, which I, too, feel our current chief administrator abuses ...abuses is putting it mildly...


The EPA employs over 17,000 people.

They are well-compensated with nice salaries and rich health and retirement benefits.

They got theirs.

Why should they care what happens to the common American?

More proof that many go to Washington to get rich at the expense of everyone else.


Yeah those poor Republican Congressmen that make hundreds of millions from coal while your family dies of Black Lung

Terrible for them isnt it?


Yea, those million dollar Dumacrats are in oil and coal as well. Now China has doubled their energy and 87 % of it is, guess, Coal !

Really are you ...

Yeah. It is a dog eat dog society. The ones that are the big dogs sit in Wasgington DC, their masters are the lobbyists. Everyone else is just dog food.

Really are you ...

Why be so strict in the United States on the combustion of coal, when it should be a global strictness? Global wind currents will spread spread the combusted coal, may as well say fossil fuel, contamination to here in the states. Here in the states we have been contaminated by the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. All the EPA has to do is raise acceptable levels. There are few things left in life that are 100% clean.

hit the road jack

Isn't it funny how they want to put a stop to coal burning energy yet they keep blowing up nuclear bombs,we get radiated from nuclear power plants and yet they look the other way and never say a word about being radiated and that is SURE death!


The volcano in Iceland put more carbon in the air in 5 days than the world in five years. there is one active volcano daily.
http://finance.townhall.com/colu... This was a deversion form The coal industry Destruction. Only 600 thousand jobs will be lost !