Trooper finds marijuana wax in vehicle

Pair of drivers accused of driving under the influence.
Cary Ashby
May 30, 2014


One of two drivers recently accused of driving under the influence reportedly was found with marijuana paraphernalia.

Bart N. Spanfellner, 39, of Flat Rock, faces several charges in connection with a traffic stop at 9:40 a.m. Saturday. Trooper Shawn Whiley, of the state Highway Patrol's Norwalk post, warned him about a muffler violation on Ohio 4 in Lyme Township.

The trooper reported smelling burnt marijuana during the traffic stop and Spanfellner admitted to having marijuana wax in the glove compartment, according to the patrol. Also, Whiley said he found a metal vaporizing pipe in the suspect's pocket.

Spanfellner, who refused a breath test, was charged with DUI, possession of drugs, possession of drug paraphernalia and a seat belt violation.

At 3:08 p.m. Monday, Trooper William Howard stopped Sergio Lopez Garcia, 36, of 24 E. Emerald St., Willard, after clocking him going 73 mph in a 55 mph zone. The driver was on Ohio 61 in Peru Township.

Lopez Garcia's blood alcohol content level tested at .165 percent, according to the patrol. The legal limit for drivers in Ohio is .08 percent.

The driver was charged with DUI and speeding. Lopez Garcia also was cited with an open container violation in connection with Howard reportedly finding an half-full can of Bud Light in the vehicle.



...maryjane wax? ...never heard of it...


WTF is marijuana wax? Dammit, I must be missing out on something. Hard to keep up getting old n s%!t.

Yeah, I still listen to stuff like Dr. Hook, Johnny Cash and AC/DC. Hell even Cowboy Junkies.

TheGravyWhisperer' here I thought I'd tried everything ...must a been that stuff I put in my ears in the 60s eent doc did pull a couple chunks out last year that looked like (amber?) ...come to think of it, my mose allison vinyls are spinnin' with that full pop and hiss again...


I think it should say "resin". Duh man...


...ah, resin! ...yes, I 'do' recall the resin...


It was always a last resort lol!


I just read what "wax" blow up when you make it! Good Lord, man! kerosene in cocaine and butane in this crap! WOWOWOWOWOWOW


Wax is hash oil that's been refined multiple times by butane, melts the tricombs off the flower then you purge the butane... Duh man lol


What's wrong with good ol' fashioned pot? Unless there's a medical reason for this type of preparation, I personally don't see why people have to mess with it. Mother Nature provides it, humans don't think it's good enough.


...gosh, I miss the days ...sitting in front of a wall of Marshall amps at a Blue Cheer gig, huffing Raid...


Come on really don't know about this? Wax is 2014 version of Hash. Its just a different way of extracting the THC from the leaves. So that instead of smoking all the chemicals in the leaves that do nothing but harm, you're left with a butter like waxy substance in the form of THC. Its a very simple process and only results in danger when an uneducated person does it. Kind of like everything in life. You use the butane as a stripping agent and the butane gas is later removed through 2 separate processes. The last includes a vacuum pump to remove all the dangerous gases. Most people that smoke wax will use a special glass "bong" and hemp rope to light it, to avoid any gases or chemicals. The wax then will contain 100% THC at what ever the level of the plant was. Since some strands are stronger than others you can have stronger highs. So if it was a Sativa plant like Jack Herer (yummy) who's "strength" would 21-24% THC, after making it into wax you would be left with 100% of the 21-24%. At least that was the way my congressman explained it.


...congressman ...great! punchline...


I've got some spicy jack right now!

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