Properties with high grass and weeds in violation of Norwalk law

Zoning office has task of enforcing code.
Scott Seitz2
May 31, 2014


Norwalk city zoning officer James Frado confirmed Wednesday a number of properties -- most slated for potential economic development -- were in violation of city law.

Frado was specifically referring to parcels at the Norwalk Commons on the city's north side and about three in the industrial park on Republic Street.

"That needs to be cut," Frado said when shown a photo of the high weeds and grass at 204 Republic St.

"I'll be in touch with the property owner to get that taken care of," he added. "At the industrial park, I'm very confident that will be taken care of immediately."

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Attention people. There may reasons why some aren't cut. Could not some in jail do the work & property owner furnish mower? See... that could work.

CrankyBalls's picture

I agree, put their a$$es to work but not mowing lawns. It would be too easy for people to start getting lazy with their property upkeep. Also, who's going to be required to pay up when one of the jail birds gets hurt? The city and county aren't going to accept responsibility for them.


cannot make jailbirds work in modern times,too bad

swiss family

I would bet that if you asked for volunteers in the jail and made them sign a "not responsible" clause . you would have too many volunteers ..... they have nothing to do all day.. and need something to pass the my opinion

Now The Rest of...

You can't sign a "not responsible clause", you can't sign away future or unknown liability, any decent lawyer would have it thrown out in civil litigation. One argument would be, why did you have them sign a release, were you aware of a potential risk involved?

"you would have too many volunteers" You clearly have never worked with many prisoners, what the response would be is "what's in it for me? Usually when you consider the cost of supervision and quality of work received, it's a loser.

Dr. Information

You can't have jailbirds mowing private property. That is a lawsuit waiting to happen. kurt doesn't understand the law, forgive him.

TheGravyWhisperer I missing something here? ...what's wrong with weed and grass highs?


Why don't the property owners just take care of it themselves? There are several lawn care services locally.


A few goats should be able to take care of that in no time.


law breaking scoundrels!


Has anyone noticed the south side McDonalds, their landscaping has been taken over by weeds and it looks horrible.


its kind of funny i was talking about this last year and most of you bashed me saying there was no such law...i love it when I'm just goes to show that most of you don,t know it all.