Drunken driving arrests, safety belt citations up over Memorial Day weekend

Preliminary statistics reveal 13 killed on Ohio roadways
Norwalk Reflector Staff
May 28, 2014


The Ohio State Highway Patrol made more impaired driving (operating a vehicle while impaired, aka OVI) arrests and issued more safety belt citations during this Memorial Day weekend as compared to the 2013 holiday weekend. In addition, preliminary statistics reveal 13 people lost their lives over the weekend – a decrease of five deaths when compared to 2013.

Three of the fatalities are OVI-related.

Patrol made 757 OVI arrests, an increase of more than seven percent, and cited 7,278 vehicle occupants for safety belt violations, an increase of more than 19 percent when compared to 2013. The four-day reporting period began Friday, May 23 and ran through Monday, May 26.

The Patrol made 21,168 non-enforcement contacts, of which 4,992 were to assist motorists.


shovelhead's picture

These numbers do not surprise me. You couldn't throw a dead cat without hitting a police car over the weekend.




All I know is on Monday I saw 12 police cars just between Norwalk and Mansfield.