Commissioner claims airport secretary tried to sabotage closure application

Hintz "took the bull by the horns," fellow commissioner says.
Scott Seitz2
May 27, 2014


If you want a job done right, sometimes you have to do it yourself.

Huron County Commissioner Tom Dunlap said this was the case late last week involving an airport closure application.

The county had until Friday to send proper paperwork to the Federal Aviation Administration regarding July 4, 5 and 6 and Aug. 9 closures of the Huron County Airport so Summit Motorsports Park could use the runway as an egress during corresponding events.

"On Thursday, the commissioners received an emailed copy of the application the airport secretary had mailed to the FAA," Dunlap said. "It was brought to our attention the application contained no signatures, no insurance forms and no letter from the commissioners.

"It was just blank except for the dates of the closures," Dunlap said. "It wasn't complete."

Dunlap said that's when Commissioner Joe Hintz took over.

"Joe Hintz got everything done," Dunlap said. "That included the signature of the (airport) board president, letter from us, insurance forms, signature from Mr. (Bill) Bader and overnighted it to the FAA."

Dunlap said Hintz really stepped up in crunch time.

"He took the bull by the horns," he said.

The FAA did not approve the recent May 17 closure because paperwork was not submitted on time by the airport board.

Will the FAA approve these upcoming closures?

"Who knows?" Dunlap said. "We just wanted it done right and Joe took the lead on it."

Dunlap offered a theory on why Thursday's application was submitted incomplete.

"I think it was done deliberately," he said. "Maybe I'm wrong, but something smells afoul to me."

Dunlap said the airport secretary, Doug Arnold, knows how to file closure applications.

"I can't imagine him risking that closure," Dunlap said.

Dunlap said doing that goes directly against an order issued by the commissioners to the airport board.

"That is -- be good neighbors," he said, referring to the airport's actions toward Summit.

Arnold offered a response to Dunlap's claim.

"The airport authority and county commissioners were notified Thursday, May 22, 2014 at 4:08 p.m. that the FAA had acknowledge receipt for the request for temporary airport closure for non-aeronautical use," Arnold said via email.

"In addition, the FAA also received a copy of the long term solution plan, which is not supported by the commissioners," he added.

"The FAA was in receipt of the closure plan before the Friday, May 23 deadline," Arnold said.

"The commissioners have not submitted an acknowledgment letter (or resolution) to the airport," he said.

"It is my understanding an updated certificate of insurance from Summit Motorsports Park has been received by the commissioner's office, which has not been forwarded to the airport, to be integrated into the current closure plan," Arnold said.

"The FAA requested a copy of the 'proposed plan,' which may be amended at the FAA's request, not a 'finalized in stone' document with signatures," he added.

"There have been no further communications between the airport and commissioners regarding the closure plan, since Thursday afternoon and this email."


Kobayashi Maru

Hintz has been a commissioner for almost four years now. This might be the first work he's done. What a waste of taxpayer dollars these three guys are!

Fibber Mcgee

Heck, I didn't even think he was still a commissioner. IT's election time, let's give him credit so he can win. The guy is just taking up a seat.


You better hope he continues to take up a seat and that double dipper don't get it !

Fibber Mcgee

I'd rather have a double dipper that wants to do the job, than this guy who wasn't said a thing for 4 years.


So you think because he isn't a newspaper campaigner everyday ,like Adelman was, he isn't doing anything? Most of the people that accomplish things don't have to have their name in the paper all the time .


Do you know this Dip ?


"He really stepped up and took the bull by the horns"....FAP FAP FAP.... Please, quit jerkin us....


Yea, and a compliment form a Lib, unheard of !

shovelhead's picture

Sounds like the road is being paved for a new secretary. Wonder who that will be?

Kind of retarded since the secretary only gave the FAA what they requested for amendments. Sounds like they don't need all of the other stuff until the plan gets approved by the FAA. They still have 5 weeks to get all the "I's" dotted & "T's" crossed. If I was Arnold, I would be pretty pissed off right about now.


Probably another person who goes to the same church as the commissioners and board members.
Or maybe even another position for Essex.


He can't go to the same church. Democrats said at the DNC, they didn't want Christian, Gun Totin, Rednecks in their party. It took three ballots to even put God into their platform, and then they booed. That would make me believe they don't go to church !


Once again the commissioners are blaming someone else for the problems they are creating themselves.


sounds to me like doug was trying to tell commissioners he needed there paper work and comissioners turn it around to blame poor doug


I say " PAVE PARADISE AND PUT UP A PARKING LOT " Just close the place, It's a waste of space, Norwalk raceway needs it worse than the rich guys with their planes. It only benefits a few as a airport..


whether its an asset or not I don't know, but it doesn't look much like an airport and hasn't for years


If it is not an asset I'm betting we have the 3 politicians on Main Street to blame. The only part of the bull that Joe Hintz could be associated is with the behind. He is a poor excuse for a politician and a bigger disappointment as a commissioner. Funny how he hides his head like an ostrich for almost 4 years, and this is going to be his claim to fame. What a joke. Why don't they get their backsides out there and solicit some real business to come here instead of worrying about the weekend warrior whose ticket sales continue to drop. Unfortunately, when these 3 commissioners try talking to someone with intelligence, they find themselves out of their league. Say NO to Joe in November.


Looks like Hintz, Dunlap, & Bauer are now on Jr.'s payroll in addition to the county's. I just love to see politicians spin doctoring the truth, directing deserved blame away from themselves. Tom, if you think something is afoul, try looking amongst those in your own office


Be Sure to Vote this Nov


Lets see. Bader hands the closure request to Essex in January. Only other board members who know about the request is Essex's crony, Frankenfield. Essex failed to present the request to the airport board or the secretary. Both of the appointees are Hintz's golden boys, so wait, how do you spin doctor the blame for the debacle on the secretary. Blame is Hintz's Essex's and Frankenfield. In addition, Frankenfield tells the airport authority members and public that the FAA has given a verbal approval for all the closures. Of course he states this came form Essex. Turns out to be an outright lie. So let's blame the people who caused the problem, and the lead clown, Hintz. And you want us to re-elect you. What a Joke you are!!


Let's put the blame everywhere but where it belongs. Typical politicians.

Dr. Information

This board has to be the most incompetent board ever. What a bunch of whinny little girls.


Essex is its ring leader, the epitome of incompetence.


Yea, let's pick on him while he is down .


I don't think he was ever up . . . except in his own mind.


Great reason why people should. Sadly in this county we got the government we deserve. (Low voter turnout)


Now the NR changes this article's photo from a plane to that of Arnold. If I were Doug, I'd be consulting my lawyer about a libel suit. If the NR didn't want a photo of a plane, a photo of the "hero" Hintz would have been a better choice. Very responsible journalism, NR . . . NOT!


Hintz and Dunlap come out from under their rock. Hintz and Dunlap reappoint Essex to the airport board. Essex becomes airport chair and starts his own 2 man board (remember that there are suppose to be 5 people on the board). Essex screws up Bader's closure request so Hintz & Dunlap blame the airport manager. We have a circus going on over at the county building, but at least we already have the 3 clown positions filled. We can't have 4 more years of Hintz's ignorance. Remember in November that JOE MUST GO.


is that a mug shot? he looks pretty happy with himself, like the bull won and he dont even know it.


In November, VOTE NO ON JOE!
What are bunch of creeps these commissioners are trying to blame a part-time worker for Essex's and Frankenfield's screw-ups! The FAA knows what's going on and it would not surprise me if the FAA also says no to the July and August closures. The commissioners think they are going to easily get out from "under the thumb" of the FAA by giving back the 48 acres. Good luck with that. It is going to be a rude awakening for these three incompetent commissioners.