K-9 unit finds marijuana cigarettes in ashtray

Driver, passenger face drug charges after Huron County traffic stop.
Cary Ashby
May 29, 2014


A Mansfield driver and his passenger face marijuana-related charges in connection with a traffic stop last week.

Willie E. Likely, 60, and his passenger, Kathy R. Likely, 50, each were charged with possession of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia. Trooper Thomas Halko, of the state Highway Patrol, gave Willie Likely a warning about going 65 mph in a 55 mph zone on Ohio 13 in Greenwich Township.

Huron County Sheriff's Deputy Josh Kaufman and his police dog assisted Halko with the traffic stop. According to the patrol, the dog found two marijuana cigarettes in the ashtray.

Likely also was charged with driving with an expired driver's license.



Biggest law broken...driving without a license.

I need serenity



If Huron county was involved, the dope was probably planted. I'm surprised Howard wasn't called to the scene along with a couple of reporters


Shouldnt have been much of a challange to find them in the ash tray. Make's me wonder if they're giving up on the basic's, had the dog not found them would they have? Or did the Trooper find the ones in the ash tray and call for a dog to check the rest of the car? Where did the report come from? Sheriff or the OSP?

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Well....when you see who wrote it, all of the tumblers will fall into place.


Worst thing that can happen while having marijuana?

Getting caught with it.


two marijuana cigarettes less on the streets, thank goodness. ill sleep a lot better tonight....


...the article didn't mention that the two dogs were on TDY from a Colo. snuffle unit hoping to work closer to retirement...