Man says psychedelic mushrooms 'hard to find in Michigan'

Pair arrested on drug charges after traffic stop in Huron County.
Cary Ashby
May 26, 2014


A man reportedly told Huron County sheriff's deputies that so-called psychedelic mushrooms are difficult to find in Michigan.

Cory J. Price, 27, and Nicole K. Keefer, 36, both of Canton, Mich., were charged with possession of psilocybin in connection with a traffic stop about 12:30 p.m. Monday. Detective Sgt. Josh Querin made the stop on U.S. 20 in Norwalk Township with his police dog, Bea.

Located inside the car was a baggie containing suspected psilocybin mushrooms and marijuana. Price said he was transporting the mushrooms to Michigan because they are "hard to find in Michigan," deputies said.

Detective Kayla Zander and Sgt. Chuck Summers assisted with the traffic stop.

Price and Keefer were arrested without incident and taken to the Huron County Jail.


Go Zanadoo & chuck.


I just can't bring myself to classify mushrooms as a drug.

hit the road jack

If you ever ate one you would,never done any but seen people who did many years ago and they were wasted.


>if you ever ate one you would
>you never done any yourself
wow, only 8:30a.m. and this will be the dumbest thing I've read all day

hit the road jack

Whats so dumb? you see someone on mushrooms and cannot see that it is a drug? maybe you been doing mushrooms! If you can't comprehend that maybe you should have stopped reading long before 8:30am or maybe stop reading the blogs altogether.


Whoa there, I never stated that it wasn't a drug, I was just pointing out the way you you try to tell someone that the are, was purely subjective and inane.

Youwishhyouknewme's picture

THANK GOD! I'm SURE they would have killed someone & turned gay or something you guys think is morally wrong while using those mushrooms and marijuana. Thanks Zander & SUMMERS YOU SHOULD BE CATCHING PEOPLE LIKE THAT METH ADDICT OLD PEOPLE MURDERER!!!


He looks like he misses her already.

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So where were they transporting the mushrooms from?

Whiskey Tango F...

Please send them home. We are already burdened enough with drug problems and cases. This is Michigan's problem


way to go queer-in...its a good thing you got these 3 grams of mushrooms off the street. while in the mean time your wheeling an dealing with all of these addicted heroin addicts...what a joke... how many people have died from mushroom overdoses vs. heroin overdoses in the last year, where are your priorities. the sad thing is these two will be locked up for a while and you will all let the re-offending drug selling idiots out if they are willing to tell on another piece of crap addict...think of it this way, who ever sold them the mushrooms is still here, while the 3 grams were leaving our state, seems to me like you got the wrong people!

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First we have Cedar Point, the islands, then Kalahari, now we get visitors for magic mushrooms. Vacationland!


You must be hard up to drive a hundred miles and spend 50 bucks in gas for 40 bucks worth of shrooms.


jmop they just ain't go nothin in Michigan,even the tigers are going down the tubes with an unbeatable lineup


Because they are illegal and not good for you. .get some help.


Mushrooms and marijuana don't hurt anyone. Two of the most mellow buzzes out there and non addicting as well.

Alcohol is WAY worse than either of the aforementioned.


I am kinda confused..
I imagine the traffic stop was solely based on out of state tags parked at a known drug dealers for a brief period of time. Seen, followed, and pulled over and searched???
If that is true. Has that now become legal?
I hate drugs, but not liking the seemingly unconstitutional tactics..
not saying...just saying

Cliff Cannon

" mushrooms 'hard to find in Michigan' " No they aren't. You just have to know where to look. In fact, I will do something few mushroom hunters will ever do. I'll tell you where I find them.

Just north of Gaylord on old 27 is a rest area, hunt the hill,with the old apple tree's, you'll find them. Then, I add, the middle of I-75 by Indian River as another great spot to fill your bag.

Of course, I am talking the king of the mushroom family---- the morels. Obviously, those tasty, delicious' mushrooms make any trip into the woods worthwhile. In fact, even getting skunked on a hunt,is cool, because at least, you were in the woods, right ?

As for 'magic mushrooms'. Personally, I don't get them. I do not doubt that " luvblues2 " is correct that : " Alcohol is WAY worse than either of the aforementioned. " After all just because it is " legal " don't mean it won't kill you ,right ?

Still, being a nature lover. I can tell you for fact. There are a lot of mushrooms in the woods that will kill you in minutes. So why gamble your life on a mushroom that gives you a " buzz" ? Really sounds stupid,doesn't it ?

Especially, when your from Michigan, where despite the fact they can not play college football as good as us. They do grow morel mushrooms, that aren't to difficult to find. Yet worth, every moment of effort of pursuit,true ?

Here's hoping these erstwhile mushroom hunters, learn their lesson here ,than seek the mushroom,that will add joy,rather than hardship to their lives. Best of all for them,they are not that hard to find in Michigan.


...yo - Cliff, morels are $45 a lb. in a specialty grocery in my neck of the woods father in law used to hunt them in the Indiana woodlands years ago ...prized them highly ...I had my first taste a few years ago ...much better than the common button mushrooms (tho I would'nt turn down a dozen deep fried buttons with a good brown beer to go with them) ...a half pound of morels fried up is a pretty good batch for twenty bucks...

Cliff Cannon

Hey GravyWhisperer : Long time ,no debate. Trust all is well. I did hear of morels going for $45. Hard to believe, isn't it ?

Definitely made me long for my glory days of mushroom hunting at 'furniture'. We truck drivers were lucky enough to pick where we wanted to go. So I'd spend the spring hunting morels across the Mid -west. Kind of made me feel bad about getting paid for having so much fun. :)

Quick question for you. Do you use " Drakes " batter on your button mushrooms ? If you don't, I highly recommend you try it. Believe it or not, it might even make that brown beer go down smoother. Great day to you


...I'll look into that Drakes batter, ty, yep, allz well, hope same for you...


It doesnt matter the debate is it or isnt it good for you! It matters whats legal and its against the law!


It looks like they've been eating all the profits!


is it just me or does that guy look like a young matt damon....and im thinking she swallowed all the heroin....