South Central students earn TrojanBucks

Students able to spend fake cash at real auction.
Zoe Greszler
Jun 21, 2014


South Central school officials have found an effective way to motivate their fifth through eightth grade students to do well at their studies while teaching them important life skills -- imaginary money called TrojanBucks.

"(The students) can earn the TrojanBucks for good grades, kindness or for helping a teacher or janitor," South Central sixth grade language arts teacher Christina Warrick said. "They can also get them for doing simple tasks or for random acts of kindness. Anything that goes above and beyond what you would normally ask of a student."

The TrojanBucks are also used to reward good effort.

"It's at the teacher's discretion," Warrick said of rewarding the fake cash. "If there is a student who isn't an exceptional student, but they studied really hard and maybe they got 10 points more than they did on their previous test, she might reward the student's hard work with TrojanBucks."

The school then helps the students to put an auction together where the students are able to spend their fake cash.


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The students receive fake cash to not make destructive decisions while SADD gives the dogs cold hard cash. What a system. What ever happen to going to school to learn and grow? So the lesson being taught is don't be nice unless you're getting paid. It seems like the educators at SC have more time on their hands to focus on money (fake or real) than on educating the students on, I don't know, school stuff.

I would love to hear some opinions on why its okay to bribe students though. And this is just going to cause problems seeing that ALL teachers have their favorites and are going to reward them before other students. Causing other students to act out against it. Either way it's unnecessary and is going to cause problems.

My take, TEACHERS and PARENTS, set an example. Be a role model. Don't just be a do as a say, not as a do waste of time in a child's life. I mean you are kind of receiving REAL money to do so. Why don't you earn the "Trojanbucks" being paid to you from the state and not bribe children.


Give teachers back the right to whoop a kids a** when they need it and they wouldn't have to bribe them to do good.


They have been doing stupid stuff like this for years. And only seems to benefit a specific group of people. Do you think an 8th grader is going to care about that crap? Maybe they can buy some new teachers that care about teaching instead of spewing out bullshi* that only pertains to the worthless O.G.T.


Sounds like a program they tried to implement at Pepperidge Farms. Boomer Bucks. You could buy things out of a cabinet... shirts, pens, umbrellas... other items... Some supervisors were more generous with them then others... and it seemed like the same people always got them... eventually phased out...


This is why schools use programs like the "TrojanBucks"
PBIS stands for Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports. SWPBS stands for School Wide Positive Behavioral Supports. PBIS is a positive, proactive approach to dealing with behavior. Students are given a clear set of expectations based upon behavioral goals chosen by the staff and administration.

From the Ohio Department of Education (
Public schools in Ohio are now required to adopted policies and procedures regarding PBIS.

As for teaching "bullshi* that only pertains to the worthless O.G.T.", teachers have to teach the material and concepts required by the district in which they teach. Districts are under the umbrella of the state government. Many people want to attack the Common Core. Parts of it are very good. Requiring students to learn and then master concepts before adding more difficult concepts is a great idea. It is important for children to know their multiplication facts before having to start multiplying larger numbers or doing long division. The part of common core that I dislike is the constant testing. Our government wants to turn students into numbers and data. Teachers have to think of students in terms of percentages rather than children. That is the part that needs to be done away with. Nothing will change though, if people don't take an active role in their children's education and let our government leaders know how they feel.