Driver in accident caught after fleeing on foot, troopers say

Local man faces numerous charges.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
May 23, 2014


A local man was charged after allegedly fleeing the scene of a traffic accident.

At 8:18 p.m. Wednesday, John W. Youngless, 32, of 1546 U.S. 250, New London, was charged with failure to control, a seat belt violation, driving with a suspended license and hit-skip.

He was northbound on Fitchville River Road, went off the left side and hit a ditch and tree, said troopers with the Norwalk post of the state Highway Patrol. After the vehicle stopped, Youngless fled the scene on foot, troopers said.

He eventually was caught. Youngless sustained minor injuries but wasn't transported by ambulance to a hospital for treatment, troopers said.



Wanted to be the first to comment. This just absolutely makes my day!!! This piece of sh#@ has ruined a lot of lives. He is going out with a bang for sure this time.. any amount of time he gets will never be enough for what this trash has caused. John youngless I hope you never make it out of that jail. And if you do I pray it's in the ground...

theunknownmessanger do you really feel?...this guy is a complete piece of crap and i couldn't agree with you more...I've had the unfortunate pleasure of living near this guy and seeing on a daily basis what hes all about...the people in our neighborhood do not tolerate his lifestyle and "OBVIOUS HIGH TRAFFIC ZONE"...which is why he was confronted...needless to say the traffic is gone and backs are against the's amazing what can happen when neighbors unite and take a I've always said, get out, know your neighbors, be active...our kids depend on it!

Sporting mom

You can't just blame him. If you knew him he is a really caring guy just has problems, I will never understand why people are so quick to slam him but not offer help to those who are addicts. itoksnow67 And I don't think praying for someone to die makes you any better then it does him.


yes i can just blame him, not just him but every addict...addiction is not a disease it is a choice. its not my responsibility to aid him or others like him to a realm of sobriety, its my job to protect my children and be an advocate for kids who are unwillingly forced into this world of addiction... and you say he's caring? caring can someone be who is so self-absorbed into a world of addiction...who's caring for his child when he's either looking to get high, or is getting high, or is high...that's an addicts life...sounds to me like the only thing he cares about is himself...and as far as trying to help these people, i have.ever hear the saying don't bite the hand that feeds, that saying does not exist to an addict. they have to help themselves before anyone else can ever help them!


If you all knew how him the sheriff's department and norwalk city cops worked together it would blow your mind how messed up these cops are.the last time they got John they didn't catch him with anything but a pocket full of money after a few weeks John had a deal worked out with the pros office to tell on others and he got his money back. It was crazy. Heroin county is the way it is so they can also make money off of these junkies. Once they bust them the doors open up for all kinds of money. 1 year in prison 65,000. 6 months in cbcf 38,000. Then drug councilling. It's all about the money. They put the ones that they know will mess up back out on streets to tell on other for 90.00 dollors. Then the same person that just told on someone else can go get his fix. 2 3 or 4 weeks later the po po will be busting them these people don't keep them in the same place. It's sad so sad . If people would really know the truth instead of getting on here just to shut their mouths off not knowing what's really going on.anyways John has been into selling this to our family friends and others for the past ten years , they let him get away with it so there is always others to take down. John youngless is a piece of crap. The last four people him and Brittney Frei keep has lived with have all gone to jail. Why doesn't John go?


i totally agree with you...the only thing the police are doing around here is busting petty drug users and using them to bust petty dime bag dealers. its a vicious cycle that is accomplishing nothing. i say fill our jail with these people and keep them there, a year in the county jail might do these people good, god knows the cbcf party does not work, and they know they wont be sent to prison! lets make some money for our town and keep them all here in our cozy accommodations for as long as they can. as far as his nasty girlfriend goes, I'm sure we will be commenting on her soon, she was just in the paper last week for selling heroin in a school zone, and the funny thing is, she is not in jail either, way to go HCSO...i think the sheriffs office is a joke anymore. they are not here for our best interest and it makes me sick....i seen john and his girl get confronted about their drug dealings they do in our neighborhood, this Brittany girl thought she was going to get lippy but the other girl showed her what concrete tasted like...needless to say she didn't have much to say after that


Brittney frenikees .