Edison food service director wants to feed more students

Families would save $180 per child for a school year by participating in the food service program.
Aaron Krause
Jun 22, 2014


Edison Local School District Food Service Director Shelly Brisset sounded like a Realtor at a recent school board meeting.

The only difference was, she changed the words.

Instead of "location, location, location," Brisset's message to parents was "participation, participation, participation."

Specifically, Brisset said she wants to see more children eating meals prepared by her staff.

Brisset said from August 2013 through April, her department has dished out 113,244 lunches and 25,064 breakfasts for students. Those numbers add up to 60 percent participation, she said, adding her goal for next year is at least 80 percent.

A family's participation in the district's food service program would represent a savings of $180 per child for a school year, based on the costs of food, she said.


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Why does she care?
Food from home is better than the schools lunches.


I don't think it is the quality of food she is concerned with
Keeping cost down, higher participation, more fed-state- financial assistance..... all justify a higher wage for employees!..
my opinion.


Taxpayers have to surrender more of their wages to cover the $180 per child; families are more dependent on government than ever.


Breakfast @ 1.50 and lunch @ 2-3.00. That cost adds to more than the 180 the district would save and my kids eat better.
If wholesale cost (larger buying power) is sought.. Begin to place orders along with other surrounding school communities as one.
Other than that, if it's a government employee thing and she thinks her food is superior..blah blah blah.
If she is solely looking for savings so she can justify seeking a raise in her salary....too bad.


Really you think they will get a pay raise? It's been 5 years since non teaching employees got a raise and now they can add another 2 years to that. Insurance went up also. I worked there I know


In truckin i have been making between 50-70,000 for the past 25 years.
Kinda stagnant.
Only reason for ups and downs are based on how much i wanted to work.
so wage has never really gone up.
Even look at UAW workers.. they made 25-30 an hour 30 years ago.. same now, with many new employees, not even breaking 20 an hr. mark..
The only financial level which has greatly improved there wealth is POVERTY...


I'm amazed at the lack of reading comprehension skills.


I'd wager that schools will be providing dinner as well in the near future. After that it will probably be dorms for each school district to house their students during the week!