Norwalk woman charged with murder

Victim in case was 86-year-old Sandusky man.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
May 23, 2014


A Norwalk woman has been arrested and charged with murder in connection with the dead of an elderly Sandusky man.

Bethany Sandy, 24, of Norwalk, was charged early today with complicity to aggravated murder, aggravated arson and aggravated robbery, Sandusky police Sgt. Dana Newell told the Sandusky Register.

Police plan to release more details during a press conference this afternoon.

First-responders to a house fire in Sandusky found a body in the basement Dec. 3 and both the death and the fire are being investigated as suspicious by state authorities.

The deceased was 86-year-old George Martin, who lived at the home at 2201 Campbell St., according to Sandusky Police Lt. Robert Vanscoy. He lived at the home with his wife, who arrived at the scene after the fire had started and told firefighters he might still be in there.

While investigating the fire, and upon closer examination, Martin was observed to have what appeared to be multiple stab wounds to his body, Sandusky officials said. Several agencies working together with the investigation.

Sandusky firefighters were called to the blaze just before 8:30 p.m.

On arrival, they found the two-story, wood-frame, single-family home engulfed in flames. With the help of Perkins Township Fire Department, the fire was knocked down by about 9 p.m.

By midnight, local authorities had turned the investigation over to the State Fire Marshal and the Bureau of Criminal Investigation.

EDITOR'S NOTE: The Blade (MCT) contributed to this story.



This is a relation to the deceased, way to go young lady. Killing your own family member to steal from them. This is just disgusting

Sitting In The ...

My thoughts exactly, If anyone deserves the death penalty it's her.

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Send her to Tennessee. They just implemented using old sparky again instead of lethal injection. buzz buzz zap zap !


she look like she might be one of the regulars on the reflectors mug shots


Mikey better stay away from this one. Bad News


yeah, i got enough women draining the life out of me..


Good Work!

Lemme guess, she was stealing stuff from the home to support her drug habit and torched it to cover her tracks.



Im guessing shes on drugs and her lawyer will try to use the she was on drugs didnt know what she was useing defense!


My guess is that she was arrested based on "Probable Cause" which is the standard for arrest, and by the length of the article I'd also assume that, there's is "limited" evidence at this time (especially since the "fire Marshalls and BCI" were just contacted), perhaps a "citizen" (aka you,me, your neighbor) has the "presumption" of innocence, or if you are a Soviet, then by all means, just assume because that's what the media says)... Wake up bloggers ! !

Seen it All

It is a poorly written article, with a lot of copy and paste from an earlier article. The fire was reported at 8:30 pm, knocked down by 9 pm, and turned over to BCI and State Fire Marshall's office at midnight, the same night back in December. They have been working hard on this, and I for one am happy an arrest has been made in the case.


Way to voice it Dougy C aka (DFRESH). U da man, with da plan. Keepin it real... Peace Out!


That is a shame. This young girl needs the death penalty. Do not even send her to prison, just do it and be done with it!


just love how this paper miss reports stuff it clearly says complicit so that means she did not commit the murder but knew something about it and didn't snitch soooo she was not charged with murder WOW


armbender you really know how to hand out justice,should we wait til the state proves her guilty

Kottage Kat

Read SR. HER HUSBAND helped.
He was a Pallbearer at the victems funeral.
That is cold blooded.


i knew him when he was in his early teens. unreal..


Jeepers Creepers where did you get those peepers...