Pair flee cops after trying to steal computers

Two men attempting to steal computers led authorities on a high-speed chase before getting away. The suspects remain at large.
Scott Seitz
Jul 25, 2010


Two men attempting to steal computers led authorities on a high-speed chase before getting away.

The suspects remain at large.

The chase began after the pair were foiled in their bid to steal laptop computers from Norwalk’s Wal-Mart.

“The two men were interrupted by store security and took off running to their truck,” a black Dodge Ram pickup with New York license plates, Norwalk Police Sgt. Dave Lichoff said.

The truck sped through uptown Norwalk and eventually made its way to Washington Road and then River Road outside Monroeville, Lichoff said.

The chase moved to Ohio 113 before lasting another 23 miles on the Ohio Turnpike.

Safety concerns caused troopers to call off the chase at the I-80/I-90 split.

“The vehicle was traveling 120 mph in oncoming lanes,” said Sgt. Tony Myers of the Milan post of state Highway Patrol. “The vehicle was passing people on the berm and blew the gate at 118.”

Gate 118 is the turnpike entrance/exit just north of Milan.

Police have “leads” on the actual license plate number, and the men might be identifiable by the Wal-Mart security camera, Lichoff said.

The truck was traveling 50 mph within Norwalk city limits and 100 mph just outside the city, Lichoff said. “We were not catching them.”

A vehicle being operated by a woman was run off the road in uptown Norwalk, according to Lichoff. “That happened prior to the pursuit,” he said. “The pickup ran the lady off the road. She was not injured.”

Lichoff said when dealing with a high-speed pursuit, “the safety of the city is first and foremost.”

Erie County sheriff’s deputies also assisted with the pursuit.



Very good decision by the law enforcement agencies to call off the high speed pursuit in regard to the seriousness of the crime. I'm all for catching perps "at any cost", but not when life and limb of the public is at stake in what was really a petty crime.

As for the perps, they're a couple of stupid jerks (to say the least) for risking injury to the public with their high speed antics after a relatively petty theft.

Did they really think they could get out of the store with them ? And what do you get for a fenced laptop - couple hundred bucks ? They probably burned up that much gas in their getaway.

Unless, of course, they bought the gas outside of Norwalk where it costs considerably less. But these idiots probably stole their gas from some Township road grader, right ?

swiss family

thank you Richard... i couldn't agree with you more!!! very well put!!!!