Area under severe thunderstorm warning

Severe thunderstorm rolls through.
Aaron Krause
May 21, 2014


The National Weather Service in Cleveland has issued a severe thunderstorm warning for Erie County, Huron County and Lorain County until 10:15 p.m.




Brock Lee

wether sucks

Cliff Cannon

Brock : Thanks for my morning laugh. Did you get out last night to play in the rain ? Hope so. I did. It was a blast !


I can't imagine what you were doing outside during the "severe" limits event, Cliff. The lightning was fast and furious. However, you are a wise man, so I know you "stayed away from windows".

Cliff Cannon

@ Fairlybadboy : " I can't imagine what you were doing outside during the "severe" limits event " Well first of all, I let the worst part go by. Then I went outside to get my free shower, coupled with walking my own personal creeks. ( on my streets.)

Thankfully no one was hurt, as I had fun. Got to ask you though, isn't there just something, you can't explain it, that makes it very cool, to get outside and feel the energy, as well as challenge of a storm ? Thought so. :)


There is something to it. Self proclaimed hater of all things precipitation, Brock, would probably call it a death wish.
I would take a much lower road and refer to it as giving Mother Nature the middle finger.
Right up until I was lit up like Franklin's key.

Cliff Cannon

Fairlybadboy : Thanks for the belly laugh !

Giving mother nature the finger, till lit up like Franklin's key, is one of the best analogy's I've read. Thanks for taking the low road. :)

P.S. I've got a Franklin for you to google. It is Sir John Franklin. He lost an expedition in Northern Canada to the winter. Of course, he seriously gave mother nature the finger, so she killed him.

Poor guy, couldn't bring his high brow British ego down to live like the savages ( Eskimo's ) through an artic winter.

Of course,he should've known the score is always going to be Mother Nature 1 Man 0 with the ultimate reminder if your too stupid ( or arrogant ) to prepare for her onslaught, she will kill you, faster than the other Franklin's key lit up.


I'm hesitant to Google anything. Inexplicably I always get page jacked to subtitled Swedish porn. It's disturbing. Sometimes.
You mentioning TOF (the other Franklin), made me, for some reason, think of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Not sure why. Was there an arctic expedition in that story?

The lesson here?
Don't fool with Nature. It will always reflect in the loss column. Particularly if you've just stitched together a cadaver. And who hasn't?

Cliff Cannon

" You mentioning TOF (the other Franklin), made me, for some reason, think of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. "

I really had to debate my response to you here. First of all, once again, we proved that no one can start a really fun weather debate, like my buddy Brock Lee.

So we had a ton of fun with it. Then both of your comments are so loaded, with excellent analogy's and fun comments. That we could use your material to keep the laugh's going for a long time, couldn't we ? Because after all if one hasn't stitched together a cadaver or two, well they haven't really lived ,have they ? :)

However bringing up Mary Shelley, who thanks to her husband, as well as their friendship with a writer, I really like--- Lord Byron. Makes me quite very familiar with her personal story,which in turn gave me a long pause for reflection, to contemplate my response.

Why ? Because, Mary Shelley died of brain cancer and guess what my wife has ? So sorry about getting serious here, in this wonderfully fun running commentary. ( Doesn't 'real life' always have a way of intruding upon our fun ? )

Hopefully, mentioning Mary Shelley's affliction and then noting her sudden demise. Will make it easier for you & Brock to understand why I love to get out in the storms and play with mother nature.

Because after all singing in the rain or playing in the snow is a great way to keep the child alive in you. Because, obviously, life deals us all the black ace from time to time and with out that optimistic, happy little child being alive and well in your soul--- how would we make it through times of challenge ?

Can not thank-you enough for the fun. Great weekend to you & yours