Local man sent to prison

Heroin-related offense sends man to the slammer.
Cary Ashby
May 25, 2014


A North Fairfield man whose attorney said "he has been trying to make something for himself" told the judge Wednesday that sending him back to prison wouldn't do any good for him or the public.

In early April, Raymond Caudill Jr., 43, of 100 S. Main St., Lot 42, pleaded guilty to possession of heroin. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Daivia Kasper said authorities found .02 grams of heroin -- "essentially a residue amount of heroin" -- during a consent search Oct. 29.

Citing Caudill's substantial criminal record as an adult, which includes "pages and pages of misdemeanors" and prior prison terms, Kasper requested the defendant receive a mid-range prison sentence. The fifth-degree felony was punishable by six to 12 months.

"There are some felony offenses. There are some drug offenses," Kasper added.

Caudill has been attending AA and NA meetings.

"I'm actually attending AA meetings and getting something out of them," he told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.

The defendant said he would prefer to be placed on probation instead of getting a prison term and have "time on the shelf."

"I think he has been taking responsibility for himself," Huron County Public Defender David Longo told the judge. "I think he's been trying to make something of himself."

After hearing from each side, Conway told Caudill he's glad to hear he is taking positive steps in his life, but his record indicates he wouldn't be a good candidate for probation.

Caudill was sentenced to nine months in prison. He must reimburse the Willard Police Department $40 to cover the cost of drug testing. Caudill's driver's license was suspended for six months.

After announcing his decision, Conway told the defendant he hopes after he's released from prison he'll continue to stay on the right path and obtain a job.


Whiskey Tango F...

Is it time yet? Can we start to take back our town and county? Do we need a bigger prison? I hate levies, but I'll gladly vote for a bigger stronger prison! Not possible? Then let's get a private prison built and pay them to house these crackheads.
CHAIN GANGS!!!! They can sweep streets, clear ditch banks, seal parking lots, shovel snow, what ever it takes! $1.00 per hour paid to the inmate... Pay off the fines, pay back the owners of the stolen goods! They will grow a garden and offset the food bills. It can be done and it happens everyday in other regions of this once great nation.


Agree, Maricopa Co, AZ has male and female Chain Gangs that do all kinds of road/clean up work.

Whiskey Tango F...

Ah yes... The legendary sheriff Joe. We need more like him and his deputized posse of over 3000 civilians, 500 of which are legal to be armed and patrol the streets. How about it Dane? Need some help?


Yes Joe, lived there many years and never had a problem


Prison is not the solution ,rehab and community programs for addiction are needed .Our prisons are already overcrowded .

Whiskey Tango F...

Once I institute my chain gangs and we work 3 shifts, there will be plenty of beds. Who said that the streets don't need swept at night? Every night! The landfill/transfer station needs swept, raked and cleaned. All of the equipment needs washed and waxed. Laundry machines work round the clock. Who says that every prisoner gets his or her own bed or cell?

swiss family

Gdusty.... Save it for someone with more heart that we have... we used to have heart, until we were abused, repetitively, and saw criminals and fast talking lawyers just like the one in this very case, saying..OH he is trying to stay out of trouble... he is going to aa and na meetings, then "goober himself speaks and says yea your honor, I am going to meetings, and this time I am actually listening!!!!! sorry... but they know that the help is out there, the help is out there ALL the time.. all they have to do is to DECIDE that they want help, and go get it.... no they wait until they get BUSTED they they cry a river and say how sorry they are and how it would not be helpful to society to send them to prison.. they need help...wwwwwaaaaaaaaaa.... sorry.. IF they wait to get busted then decide that is when they need help... sorry but you missed your chance to get help, because now you are in the PUNISHMENT phase... and maybe after you are done with your punishment , if you decide to get help,. by all means it is out there for you to get...I am in no way opposed to putting in some AA books as reading material for them if they decide to read from it is up to them, I would bet they would be more likely to tear out the pages and use the paper to roll up joints in there though to be honest with you...


Gdusty- must of us really do not care. Overcrowded? Waa. Put 4-5-6 of them to a room, I really do not care. They can sleep on rolled up mat in a shared open bay. No tv, no library, no computers, no cable tv. I don't care. They want rehab, they can pay for it when they get out. Community programs, let them do it when they get out. Why does the public need to fund and support these? There are many other programs I would rather support than drug addicts. I would rather have my money spent on kids education or veteran programs. Something worth while. Some one that appreciates it. Go stand on your soap box somewhere else....looks like most of us here, are not on the same page as you.

Yall Make Me Sick

I'm sorry to say BUT rehab don't work, they always find away to get out of their time. What is needed is a judge that is tired of all the druggies being in control.

swiss family

I agree Whiskey.... more and more and bigger prisons... I suggested that the county buy up property available between Norwalk and Monroeville, on any of the roads, where all you see is farmland... buy that up, and make it a multi level prison.. imagine the jobs it willl create just in building it, then all of the jobs it will create in running it, the guards, laudry, meals, etc... JOBS< JOBS< JOBS!!! we might even find ourselves in the position where instead of us sending our criminals to other facilities where we pay them to rehabilitate them, it gets turned around and they actually send them to us, along with MONEY to house and rehabilitate them as well...

NOW THEN......I have written many, many times on how light Judge Conways sentences have been, BUT I have to say that lately I have noticed that he has been more in touch with the effects of what the criminal has actually done, and how many people have been hurt and affected and some distraught and devastated by the criminals actions... and I have to admit that lately Judge Conway has been doing a much better job of dishing out punishments...I mean realistically, before, someone like this guy would get before Judge Conway and say what he said...""I'm actually attending AA meetings and getting something out of them," he told Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway.....and in the past it would have been "good for you, here is the key to the city, and you are on Intense probation" so In all fairness, I have to commend Judge Conway for standing a little taller, and being a little stronger...and hey I will bet your pants are even a little tighter, from growing a "pair" thank you....


I agree. There was a prisoner years ago that did painting @ the fairgrounds. We need to make these convicted people work .

Sailor Sam

On heroin...goes to Alcoholics Anonymous....hmmm...Don't know about you guys but when I have a toothache, I go to a dentist, not an orthopaedic surgeon. There are appropriate programs for different problems...use them.

Whiskey Tango F...

You get to go to rehab AFTER you serve your time on my chain gang. Three years in the hot sun and cold winters will help to cleanse the soul and purge the evils right out of you! If that doesn't help, the large German Shepard and the deputy with a pump shotgun might help in some persuasion! Once everyone has been paid, then you EARN a free pass to government funded rehab!


more bigger prisons? just stick them all on a deserted island
larger prisons are not the answer


wtf....you sure seem like an angry man with all the answers. must be nice...being all self righteous and all


It won't solve the problem. ,prevention and counseling are the way to solve the drug crisis ,people with addiction are sick and need help ,they. Were once good people ,I guess I'm a. Kind person with a good heart and I choose to look for real solutions to cure this problem .


Oh yes we all know....they are sick and have a disease. Fine if they want counseling and help they can get it AFTER they serve some time. If you are going to buy, sell, smoke, shoot, snort, eat, lick, or if you steal from someone to support those habits....you need to serve your time. THEN you can get some help. Most of those that are sent to Club Rehab, do not even want to go. They go because it gets them out of serving time. That is why it doesn't work. They do not want the help.