Willard considering requesting renewal of park levy

Measure brings in $43,600 each year
Aaron Krause
May 25, 2014


City officials might ask voters here to renew a 0.5 mill park levy that has existed since 2009.

Willard council recently directed the Willard administration to draft legislation on which council will vote on whether to ask for the renewal on the November ballot. Since it's a renewal, the measure wouldn't ask for any additional money.

The five-year, 0.5 mill levy, which expires this year, brings in $43,600 each year to the recreation fund.

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The City of Willard is a JOKE right now....

YOu can't even come close to driving down the streets cause of the potholes --your car can be seriously damaged and I'm not kidding.

If you haven't been to the main Willard Park (beside the pool) go on over there and check it out = ITS A DUMP. Look and see what our tax dollars have accomplished thus far... ITS A SERIOUS DUMP AND I WOULDN"T LET MY KIDS PLAY ON THAT EQUIPMENT NO WAY!

Want to see the future of Willard? Look at the past..and if you can't remember just mosey on down to any Willard park via any Willard street and while you're at it check out the Willard median strip and you'll see it all looks like crap lol

ya wow a park levy RENEWAL?


(and what's even sadder and funnier than the parks/streets/etc ===is that it'll pass!) LMAO!

believe it

Do you think the city just has loads of money just sitting around waiting to be used? And whether the levy passes or doesn't pass won't affect the streets one bit so I don't see the correlation?


Streets aren't good but ride your bicycle down the side walks... All the nice new fancy curbs where the side walk leads to the road are fantastic. Can't fix a pot hole that affects hundreds of vehicles but they can find money for a stupid side walk only a handful of people use.

believe it

Please understand what's going on...the city isn't choosing to do those curbs instead of fixing the streets...They have to do those curbs by law. Anytime you pave new roads now you have to do the curbs like that because of the ADA. I really wish people would understand things before making dumb assumptions.


What roads have been repaved??

believe it

Main St.(103) and Tiffin and 99 are all getting repaved this summer which is why all those curbs/ramps on those 3 streets are being re-done. You don't really pay attention do you?

Estrella Damm

$43,600 / 6,500 = $6.70 a year per person.
Hope that does not break the banking account of the citizens.

be for real

$6.70 here and $6.70 there keeps adding up to no paycheck left.

believe it

This makes no sense. Estrella Damm said it was 6.70 a year, not per week. Do you only get one paycheck a year? If someone goes broke because of 6.70 a year you've got some serious issues.


Did you notice that Myrtle avenue in front of City Hall has been re-paved ? First. Drive down maplewood, there is nothing but holes and bumps. Your tax money at work


I feel that the city has managed its money horribly over the last 10 years. Its only going to get worse.

believe it

Actually it's the opposite, they have managed it very well and gotten themselves out of debt. The two new council members that got on a few years back have been a huge asset to the city. You need to look at the bigger picture, not just what you see.

be for real

doesn't matter what was said it is still money money money and more taxpayers money.They should start saving money by taking pay cuts or maybe stop getting raises


Lemme guess:

"Believe It" is a Willard employee...

The only people who could possibly believe this city govt manages ANYTHING effectively are folks who've never left the city limits...

Anyone want to discuss Willard's crappy snow non-removal every winter? hahaha

As long as the people of Willard refuse to demand better (or begin REFUSING to pay for NOTHING) ===city officials will continue embarrassing themselves and all Willard residents

Look at the tax base: Donnelley's, Midwest, Pepperidge, tons of restaurants etc and just LOOK what residents get: Nothing! Can't even maintain the one pool and one main park! This is a fact not an opinion: LOOK AT THEM! LOOK at the streets! REMEMBER the level 4 snow streets in Willard when other neighboring communities were driving on PLOWED and even MELTED streets (I know because I drove from other communities TO Willard on snowy days as all others did on different days this winter)

lol @ "Believe It"

believe it

Lol @ Presto

No, I'm not a Willard employee, I guarantee that. And the whole snow thing is such a lie. Everyone's streets were awful this winter and had a hard time keeping them plowed and clean. Don't exaggerate crap. And what do you want them to do with the streets, just pave them with money that's not there? You can name all the industries that you want but there's not just money rolling into this town. Probably half the town is on poverty level. Open your eyes a little. It's obvious you don't know how a budget works.


Willard has piss poor money management to the point where it randomly disappears and reappears without anyone batting an eye. There is no accountability for the actions of the top few. Its criminal to say the least. The feds have been going over the city's budget for a while now and the curtains are coming down soon my friends.

Dr. Information

But hey, lets build a train platform and have to pay to maintain it.