Norwalk losing two great school leaders this year

Changes at the top for Norwalk's public and parochial school systems.
Joe Centers
Jun 8, 2014


There are big changes coming in Norwalk.

With the recent announcement by Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty that he is retiring at the end of July, that means both schools in town will be looking for a new leader. Wayne Babcanec, president of Norwalk Catholic School, also is retiring this summer.

That is more than 70 years of experience in education walking away.

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Isn't Dennis taking the president job that Wayne is retiring from?


of course and Wayne is taking the job Dennis is retiring from,everybody is new

Estrella Damm

That's interesting news @earlduck and @JakeMac25. That is contrary to what I heard, but you posted it, so it must be true.



Kobayashi Maru

The rumor was that Denny was going to St. Paul, but if you ask him he says no. Bacanec's wife is retired from the bank and is chomping at the bit to travel, so I doubt he'll go back to Norwalk. That's my two cents anyways.


Just wondering who you heard was the front runner for the jobs? I had just heard in passing that Dennis had shown some interest in the other job. I never heard anything about who was looking at the Norwalk City school job.