Airport 'very important' to local farmers

Local business shows support for embattled Huron County Airport.
Scott Seitz2
May 21, 2014


A local business has voiced its support of the Huron County Airport.

Tony Myers, branch manager of Sunrise Norwalk Agronomy, recently issued a letter to local customers encouraging them to let the county commissioners know how important the airport is to agriculture.

"In an effort to continue giving you the best service possible, we are fighting to keep the Huron County Airport open," Myers wrote to customers. "As you may already know, we use that airport to fly around 30,000 acres of fungicide application per year.

"The Huron County commissioners are actively looking to close or sell the airport," Myers added. "We have met with the commissioners to let them know the airport is very important to the farming community and how it would greatly affect you as customers with aerial applications of fungicides."

Myers explained in his letter what could happen if the airport closed.

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Re: "As you may already know, we use that airport to fly around 30,000 acres of fungicide application per year."

Where is the outcry from the outraged liberal environmentalists?

Isn't "organic" all the rage?

Probably adds to "global warming" too.

Grass airstrips work just fine and are cheaper to maintain. Save the Huron Co. (HC) taxpayers a buck or two.

With the 4th highest unemployment rate in the state currently, HC undoubtedly has some serious fiscal issues ahead of it.

The HC Airport was originally sold as an economic development project. It didn't pan out. It is now a white elephant.


sell it already...mansfield airport is approximately 40 miles from there and only 5 miles outside the county line...use their airstrip and save norwalk tax payers money!


I worry that both of you are overlooking the significant tactical advantage the "airport" will provide during the zombie apocalypse.
I'm very disappointed.


Yeah Tony tell them about your lack of services. No feed grinding, low propane fees. See you people want US to help your bottom line. Pay your way & stop taking welfare. BuSINess.


This is becoming an even bigger fiasco than last year. Let's not use farmers as an excuse. There are many other airports in Huron County that could be used for this purpose. Willard has a nice airport, Snyder Road has a nice private airport, Hettle road has a nice private airport. All it would take is a phone call and some cash money and the owners of these airports would be more than happy to help the farmers out, after all without farmers we don't eat.


Isn't all the chemicals and pesticides/fungicides what are causing the algae blooms in the lake? Killing off the bees? Causing numerous cancers/illness? I thought everyone wanted organic, naturally grown. Crop dusters do not need a paved runway. (Just a sidenote....the picture used for this story is NOT a crop duster in any way shape or form.)


You're right on that, lady. It's a personal rich man's jet aircraft. Poor choice of pic, NR.


Pesticides/fungicides for the most part only hurt bees when they have contact quickly after application. Labels on pesticides warn farmers not to spray when pollinating bees are in the vicinity but such precautions have not been applied to fungicides.

In regards for the cancer; fifteen case-control studies, 4 cohort studies, and 2 ecological studies have been published, and 15 of these 21 studies reported statistically significant increased risks between either childhood pesticide exposure or parental occupational exposure and childhood cancer. Therefore, one can confidently state that there is at least some association between pesticide exposure and childhood cancer. However, an unambiguous mechanistic cause-and-effect relationship between pesticide exposure and childhood cancer was not demonstrated in these studies, and modifying factors such as genetic predisposition, rarely considered in the reviewed studies, likely play an important role.

hit the road jack

If the farmers were concerned for our safety and good health why are they still growing GMO grain? even the Russians and Chinese are smart enough not to eat this crap and our stupid politicians and farmers are looking out for their back pocket and that's it! as long as they don't care about me I'm not worrying about them and don't give me no line of crap about cheap food either,if it gets any more expensive they will be out of business anyway.


the answer to your question is simple...have you heard of Monsanto? Monsanto has genetically engineered seeds and put patents on them, then used them on government farms. the pollens have crossed with local farmers seeds making it illegal for them to reuse their own seeds. thousands of farmers have been bankrupt because of this, and the ones who aren't have no choice but to grow and re-buy their patented gmo filled seeds which continues to pollinate other farms...learn more a garden

hit the road jack

I do plant a BIG garden and they can go take a leap when it comes to me buying any more of this crap than I have too! and yes I know all about Monsanto and now their is a company out of Germany I think with the same mentality of GMO crap,I think they call it Mycogen, this is why we have NO honey bees,the nicotine in round-up kills the bees.if you want to research it more their is a website called this is a woman that has done her homework on GMO and the collapse of the honeybee hives,I've heard her on the late nite radio talk shows many times.

citizenof hc

Typical whining from the local peanut gallery and more lunacy from the cheap seats. Nobody complains when the farmers are spending their profits to buy goods in this community. Nobody complains about the amount money Sunrise has put in to the community. Any of you with a brain would understand the logic and importance of the airport to a community, but I guess the acorn doesn't fall far from the tree. I would like to know what tax money some of you think as a Norwalk residents you will be saving?? Another uninformed local. You all whine and complain about your problems, 13% unemployment, and think that 2 week ends at a drag strip will solve the county's issues. Contango is another know it all the likes of a Carl Essex, Joe Hintz, or a Ralph Wiggims. You can follow them like the pide piper. It is no wonder economic development is a joke in this county other than Willard. Must be a different smarter gene pool down there which doesn't say much for the group of nay sayer on this blog.

I guess the rest of you who want to work can go find a job in Cleveland, and complain about the cost of travel because you are not going to stand for a company coming in here to supply a service especially if any money comes out of your pocket. In the end you will all probably get exactly what you deserve, nothing!! Congratulations Tony on taking a stand given the stupidity exhibited.


Re: "Contango is another know it all,"

Hit a nerve eh Pally?

The HC Airport was originally sold to the taxpayers as an economic development project.

Sm. businesses were going to spring up around it and it would be an economic growth engine. Some businesses tried and failed.

Now the raison d'être has changed. Now, it's primary value is for crop dusting??

Kind of a 'Cadillac' approach if that is it's primary purpose.

There are other Chevy-like methods that would be easier on the local hard-pressed taxpayers' pocket that could accomplish the same ends.

I suggest that those other options be seriously investigated.

Privatize it.


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Re: "I have heard there are two businesses from outside Huron County that are looking into relocating to the airport."

"Heard," i.e. rumor.

Remember the dirigible factory? Lota 'hot air.'


Re: "i.e. rumor."
It is FACT. The topic was discussed during the last Airport Board meeting. It was in the PRINTED paper.


Re: "It was in the PRINTED paper."

"There are a couple of potential clients for the office complex, but those businesses need the structure renovated first, at a rough cost of $60,000 to $70,000"

Reads like a long short since the county doesn't have the money.

Without the names of the businesses it's still a rumor, NOT fact.


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They didn't like you stating what you think of the commissioners.
Yet it is the lack of funding due to the commissioners not getting the grants needed to do maintenance on the airport. Even when members of the public who support the airport had the matching funds so none were need from the county funds.


You're right. If the public was to learn what is REALLY going on, there would be lots of questions that would need to be answered.


Most of the farmers I know and spend in the community, do not use crop dusters. Yes they buy seed, they buy herbicide, but they do not pay for a crop duster. I have NEVER know ONE that pays for a crop duster. I grew up with a grandfather that farmed. There was no semi trucks, there were no crop dusters, no fancy Corporations. Out of all the farm land in Huron county what is the percentage that actually uses the crop dusters? Yes I have seen them, I know they are there. But not sure they are a HUGE asset to the general farming community. Maybe those that have sold out to the big business.

citizenof hc

Your a great spin doctor. You didn't hit a nerve, just tired of your narrow minded views on any topic. I served this country so you could retain the right to verbally attack anyone who tries to do something positive for this area. You want to blame the airport for not be properly marketed. That is kind of like blaming a gun for not hitting a target when in the hands of a novice. Don't blame the airport, it is a tool. You need to blame the local politicians, businessmen, and economic development personnel in this area for failing to promote the facility and the area. Why is it that hundred of businesses have been documented using or benefiting from arriving and departing air traffic, in addition to Sunrise and the local farming community in the past few years.

People on the side lines always know what is best. You don't strike me as having the necessary savoir faire to accomplish anything positive for the community.


Re: "Your a great spin doctor."

"Your"? It's spelled "you're" genius.

Just asking questions about possibly saving the local hard-pressed taxpayers some bucks and inquiring about alternatives to the airport.

Talk to my attorney: So Soo-me.

Additionally: The county needs to do an inventory of ALL publicly owned assets and sell off as much as possible.

During times of austerity: Often, that which was once considered a necessity, becomes a luxury.


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).


Moderators have removed this comment because it contained Personal attacks (including: name calling, presumption of guilt or guilt by association, insensitivity, or picking fights).

J Cooper

Time to dump this white elephant the playground of the rich boys and special interests.

citizenof hc

Coop - you must be referring to the race track because it's not a playground and I don't know any rich boys that would put up with the poor condition at the airport. I'll bet you most of those planes, other than the small jets, costs less than one of the nitro dragsters. Then again, I'm not sure why any company would seek to move to this county and put up with the small minded people who run it.


Re: "I'm not sure why any company would seek to move to this county and put up with the small minded people who run it."

Great sentiment for someone who "claims" to be positive. :)

J Cooper

The drag way is a privately funded and owned company that pays property taxes, employs people and increase the sales tax receipts paid to the county by increased usage of motels, restaurants and other business in the county. The airport is a a white elephant on the backs of the taxpayers for a privilege few.


Coop - You can tell me just how much of your taxes go to the airport. Wait, I'll tell you, ZERO. The raceway benefits this community about 10 days per year, otherwise a few 7/11 make a little on beer and gas. As far as the temp employees at the raceway, most barely make minimum wage and barely work a few months out of the year. Go back to the drawing board Coop. You need to come up with a better example for an economic engine that contributes to the county.