Picnic table sex case could end up in Norwalk

BELLEVUE - Charges against Art Price Jr., the Bellevue man caught on video having sex with a picnic table behind his home, were dismissed Monday in Bellevue Municipal Court. But that doesn't mean he's in the clear.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
Jul 25, 2010


BELLEVUE - Charges against Art Price Jr., the Bellevue man caught on video having sex with a picnic table behind his home, were dismissed Monday in Bellevue Municipal Court.

But that doesn’t mean he’s in the clear.

Huron County Prosecutor Russell Leffler told the Sandusky Register his office is reviewing the case. He expects Price, 40, of 146 Brinker St., to be arraigned on new charges in a matter of weeks.

Price is accused of wandering out onto his back deck naked, laying a table on its side and having sex with the umbrella hole. A confidential source brought the activity to the attention of police, who told the source a photograph or video would be helpful. An officer sat outside and drove by the house several times trying to catch Price in the act, a police report said.

The source then turned over three DVD recordings showing Price having sex with the table on four occasions, police said.

Bellevue police charged Price with fifth-degree felonies because they said the activity took place in plain view of a school. His backyard is directly across from Ridge Elementary School and police said they have reason to believe Price performed his outdoor sexual activities when students could have witnessed them.

Depending on what Leffler’s investigation finds, Price may be brought up on lesser charges than he originally faced. But that’s not certain.

If “any person who was likely to view and be affronted by the offender’s conduct was a minor,” it makes the charges a fifth-degree felony, Ohio law states.

However, Leffler requested the dismissal because he said the four fifth-degree felony public indecency charges didn’t seem to match the law perfectly.

“I wasn’t satisfied that anything he had (done) was within the section. The law required, in the section he was charged in, that the prior offenses had to be within that section. Our review of the record at this point is that they don’t seem to be there,” Leffler told the Register.

Ohio law says the A-category public indecency incidents should be treated as misdemeanor crimes except for special circumstances, which Leffler said were not met.

But other felony charges may be around the corner.

“We are looking at some other possible felonies, as to whether or not this is a performance, so we are examining school records to find out if children were present on the playground. We’re researching it,” Leffler said. “The only felony section that appears to be possible is this business about obscene performance for juveniles.”

n Other sex-related incidents

Police say this was not the first time Price, a Register employee, was in trouble for his sexual activities.

Bellevue Police Capt. Matt Johnson said Price has at least three previous arrests on charges of voyeurism in Tiffin and Bowling Green. The officer said the Bowling Green incidents occurred in 1987 and 1988 and the Tiffin one was in 1989.

“The reports aren’t the greatest because they were handwritten ... but from what little we’ve received it appears the ones in Bowling Green were (for) masturbating outside while looking into the windows of people’s houses,” Johnson told the Register.

At 8:30 a.m. Sept. 3, 1987, a 21-year-old woman complained a man wearing a bandana over his face was peeking into her apartment complex in Bowling Green. Price, who was 20 at the time, was arrested and charged with voyeurism, a Bowling Green Police Department report states.

Then on Oct. 23, 1987, a 23-year-old Bowling Green woman reported a man had been stimulating himself in front of her window, a police report said. Police eventually arrested Price, who pleaded guilty to both charges, which aren’t listed in the police report obtained by the Register.

He was sentenced to 20 days in jail and was on probation until 1997.

But on Dec. 11 that same year, Price was identified again as the offender after another female called police complaining that a man wearing a bright blue bandana was standing between two houses stimulating himself, a police report said.

There is a police report for one other incident that occurred Feb. 3, 1988, involving Price and another female, but the report obtained by the Register did not contain a narrative.

In addition to those incidents, a six-page police report in Tiffin also portrays Price as a voyeur.

On July 4, 1989, a woman complained to police her 14-year-old daughter was about to take a shower when she found dirt at the bottom of the tub, a Tiffin police report said. Her mother checked the tub and found what appeared be shavings in the tub, and then found a hole had been drilled through the bathroom wall from the utility room. The hole gave a clear view into the shower stall from the utility room.

Price, who was 21 at the time, was spotted by police bending over and stimulating himself while peeking through the hole, the report states.

The defendant pleaded guilty to two charges of voyeurism and one count of criminal damaging. Price was sentenced to a total of four days in jail. He was required to make restitution for damages and attend counseling.



Here we go....I bet we hit 200 comments by 10am tomorrow..

David Deerest.

(Maybe it had nice legs, I know I'm a sucker for great legs.)

I don't quite understand is why it was video taped 4 times before charges were brought up against him. Even twice would be considered excessive in my book, but 4 times??

Leno even commented on this the other night in his show wondering how ugly are the women in Bellevue that a guy would resort to picnic table...and maybe it's name was 'Patty O'furniture'. lol

The guy has a long history of voyeurism. Shouldn't he be registered as a sex offender? He only spent 4 days in jail, just a slap on the wrist.

He's also married with 3 school aged children. How he found someone to marry him is beyond me. I feel for his kids having to go to school and take the abuse for their oversexed, perverted father. What a shame for them.


very well said dave.

Chad Eitle (Ano...

Hands down, greatest story ever...well, not if you're the picnic table. Hey, this dude wants to knock one off with some home furnishings I couldn't care less, he just should put up a fence so the rest of us don't have to see it. I don't really know what is worse, the deed, or the Police Dept. video taping it...over...and over...and over. Either way, when this case goes to court who is going to be able to keep a straight face? He was ordered to attend counseling? Where do you get counseling for this? 84 Lumber? Imagine this guys kids. So....the other day my dad was outside on the porch... THANKS ART!! YOU JUST MADE MY DAY! UN-FRIGGIN-BELIEVABLE!

Shaving with Oc...

While not excusing his actions; the man severely needs professional mental counseling and not judicial punishment, public ridicule or condemnation.

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Sorry friend but although I feel for his family how can you expect people not to ridicule him. Surely this behaviour is utterly bizare and he certainly needs some sort of counselling but come on. I am not a counsellor but thinking about it, ridicule may well be a better punishment than any custodial sentence.

Any one want to buy a cheap picnic table...just bought a job lot.


This is a strange story to say the least. Metal picnic table, cold weather, outside naked.....strange

whatever you say


... more national headlines for something we cant be proud of. What is wrong with the people in our area?

... the register has it as a wooden table, the comments about splinters were just flying at work.

... maybe they could find him insane, give custody to the gravelles, and they could lock him in a cage! Oh wait, dont cages have lots of holes?! nevermind....bad idea.

David Deerest.

@ 40 Days and Counting,

The guy OBVIOUSLY wanted to get caught, maybe that's part of the thrill he gets from banging it in public. He brought this on himself- and even if it was a metal picnic table, it's full of wood now! LOL!

Chad Eitle (Ano...

I disagree, this guy needs public ridicule. Lets bring public ridicule back from the Middle Ages. Maybe some of these people could behave. You think he has a mental problem, what was your first clue? What's next? The cupholder in the little floating chair in the pool? Metal picnic table....cold weather. Just keeps reminding me of A Christmas Story. I triple dog dare ya.....

swiss family

to "Deer Dave' that is a huge assumption on your part to say that he obviously wanted to get caught!!! for you to say that, you would have to see things the exact way that this guy does, and if that is the case, that you two are thinking alike, then you are just as disturbed as he is!!!!

David Deerest.

Of course, swiss, like the Gravelle's, you stick up for this perv.

You don't think doing THAT on your patio deck with a school in eye shot constitutes wanting to get caught?

A quote from the article: "In addition to those incidents, a six-page police report in Tiffin also portrays Price as a voyeur."

Get back on the meds, darling. You're the sick one.

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Agree or disagree, Swiss, at least you are welcome to contribute on my local newspapers site and it is nice to get opinions from outside the area, which always put a different aspect on a subject so at least, I admire your

confidence to have a go


WOW! An umbrella hole of a picnic table...that's definately dofferant. Poor guy......lol.

RB resident

Pass the mayo

David Deerest.

David Letterman Top 10...

Top Ten Excuses Of The Man Caught Having Sex With A Picnic Table

10.Got all worked up after looking through the IKEA catalog

9.C'mon, did you see that picnic table?

8.I was refinishing it and things just got out of hand

7.Just broke up with the pool table and didn't want to be alone

6.If you're gonna arrest every man who's had sex with a picnic table, you're gonna have to build a hell of a lot more prisons

5.Was curious if I could have sex with anything more flat and lifeless than my wife -- hiyooo!

4.Hey, a man has needs

3.My doctor said I have Restless Nuts Syndrome

2.It's not like I spent $4,000 for a hooker

1.Well, it was our anniversary

Top Ten Extras

11.Look, I got problems - quit riding me

12.The grill seemd like a bad idea

13.It looked so alluring in that short table cloth

14.The yard gnomes like to watch

15.Technically, it's not cheating

16.Was trying to make the birdhouse jealous

17.I'm tired of that pregnant dude getting all the headlines

Dave Rimmer, Li...

Well Mr Art Price Jr, your antics have made the British National press here today


C'mon Norwalk and the world wide commenting web ! We're not even close to 200 comments on this one. Let's get those fingers a'typin'! Or is everyone too busy wretching or laughing at the whole incident ?

Cold metal picnic table ? Our mother's always warned us about sticking our tongue on the flagpole (or pump handle for the rural among us) in the winter, but no one said nothin' about stickin' our you know what on a pick-i-nic table, eh Boo-Boo ?

No one seems to be concerned about what kind of dereliction of duty it is for the cops to tell the neighbor, "You videotape it and then we'll investigage." ? I know the BPD don't have time for a full time stake-out for something like this, but why didn't they at least investigate after the FIRST video taping ?

Deer Dave, thanks for the Top 10 list.

David L.

i'd go on all the talk shows. you'd might as well live up your 15 mins of fame!! i bet letterman and leno would pay to have you on.


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WOW! This person is obnoxious! A) Fat? NO...As for being in everyone's business, it's a newspaper blog, it's public knowledge. Just like the knowledge put out there about convicted felons, and how much more jail time they received B) My children, as if they are any of your concern, are very well behaved. I'd much rather my kids be as they are than to mimic yours. She's uncontrollable. That would be why the neighbor had to come help you with her. As for me being online, I go days without even turning this thing on, unlike you. Try using your real name, or shut up. Bring all this to my doorstep, I dare you! The 'F' word....that's great, you'll never hear me say that word in public. C) House full of kids in prison, that's really funny, seeing as you know all about that place now don't you? D) Only folks that get talked bad about, are the ones that deserve it. TRUTH MUST HURT! A person would be hard pressed to tell a lie on you, too many people are watching your every move. E) My husband having flings huh? That's interesting, give me names and dates, better yet, have all those neighbors come tell me about it. That's not going to happen because he hasn't touched any of you nasty women down there. ((STD'ville)) F) My children and old men, that's a hoot!! YOU'RE husband paid her 5 dollars to take care of your dogs while you were on a 'I need my space so I'm staying at my girlfriends house' spree. But then again, obviously you aren't enough for him...lol. (G) My MUTTS? Excuse me? Muddy pens, well missy, that's virtually impossible, they have concrete, where the heck would mud come from if their kennel floor has conrete? You're dog sleeps under a porch, does that make sence to you? Yes, they are all UKC, PKC and AKC registered. CHAMPION registered hounds. BOTTOM LINE...this is great. My rats nest? Love that! My messed up kids? Isn't it your kid that tells everyone about mommy selling her drugs? And for the last time, DEER DAVE is of no relation to me. BTW, someone that is facing even more jail time shouldn't act as you are. You're PO will be getting a copy of this! FURTHERMORE, UNLESS YOU INTEND ON WRITING YOUR REAL NAME HERE, SHUT UP, GO AWAY, GO BACK TO YOUR DRUGS AND STEALING. OH YEAH, YOU AREN'T GOOD ENOUGH WITH THAT YET, YOU GOT CAUGHT!


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I just think it's funny....come on a picnic table! American Pie ring a bell? I mean sure it sucks for his family but thats an issues that is dealt with by them not by stupid people posting comments on their story...I just think it's funny...

David Deerest.



Dave Rimmer, Li...

ds20087.........I am not normally in the habit of calling people half wits but in your case I will make an exception.

You keep insisting that Redneck Girl posts under the name of Deer Dave who you also keep insisting are husband and wife. Anyone with any intelligence can see that the styles of writing are substantially different, even the punctuation and grammar so get a life and stop being a pillock. If you choose to vent your spleen, go any play elsewhere, don't bring this site into disrepute.


YEP, 'half whit' among other things! Try living near her!

swiss family

OK, i think that we have established that this guy is a pervert.. my question is when do we put him away like he deserves???

how many time can a guy get caught , drilling holes in walls that go to shower stalls?? how many times can he get caught looking into windows, and now .. being with a picnic table?? he is a threat and a danger to everyone in the community, and needs to be put away, where the boys in the pen, look down on that kind of a pervert, and trust me, justice will be served....

David Deerest.

" to "swiss family' that is a huge assumption on your part to say that he obviously wanted to get caught!!! for you to say that, you would have to see things the exact way that this guy does, and if that is the case, that you two are thinking alike, then you are just as disturbed as he is!!!! "


Darnit....This is no where near the kind of response I was expecting. I wanted to see 200 comments, but I guess it's not like he is opening a gay campground or something as horrible as that.....

***** for those illiterate jerks, that last line was meant to be sarcastic.

David Deerest.

@ AlterEgo

I'm thinking when they ran the gay camper story, you didn't have to log in with your e-mail address. I laugh when I see an obit with 1 comment in the top 10 most commented on stories.

Personally, I think this story deserves all the raunchy comments it can get. Like Letterman, I'm tired of the "pregnant man" getting all the attention. Maybe if this guy and the picnic table made a baby, and the baby had 8 metal legs and turned into a gay man who joined the campground in Fitchville, more people would be apt to comment.