Heroin dealer put on probation

Man won't face further jail time unless he fails to follow rules of probation.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
May 18, 2014


A convicted heroin dealer is on three years of probation.

Daniel P. Ruffing, 28, of 3083 Ohio 4, Bellevue, was fined $250 Thursday and must reimburse the Bellevue Police Department $35 to cover the cost of drug testing. The defendant's driver's license also was suspended for six months.

Ruffing's probation officer has the discretion of when to impose a 90-day jail sentence or can ask Huron County Common Pleas Judge Jim Conway to waive all or part of it if the defendant does well on community control. If Ruffing violates the terms of his probation, he faces one year in prison.

On April 1, Ruffing pleaded guilty to trafficking in heroin. The April 16, 2013 controlled drug buy happened in the vicinity of a school, according to court records.


J Cooper

Yet another DEALER not going to jail, great job by Judge Conway... If you aren't part of the solution your are the problem.


Wow...I remember years ago a guy got busted for selling acid in the vicinity of a school and he got 2 years. I'd rather see kids trippin' than smackin'. Our justice system is just wrong...


acid broke my craving for alcohol about 15 years ago. im convinced that is what worked for me. i didn't continue to take acid because, at my age, it took me too long to recover after a 20 hour trip. too hard on the old body. i couldn't take it anymore like when i was younger.


Its not something I am proud of but I was one of the first people he sentenced when he first came to be judge and I got sentenced to my full time. I understand that he was trying to show that he was a no non sense judge but what happened since then????? I agree that he is not doing his job to help make Norwalk a better place. I did my time and guess what?! It served its purpose. If he would quit being so easy on these people then maybe just maybe they will come out and change their lives for the better.


Greasy palms. It has to be.


Trail09 you were a Gumpy in in jail weren't you?


$285 and probation for selling Heroin in the vicinity of a school... SELLING.... NEAR A SCHOOL... Are you kidding me?!?!


Really makes me wonder which one of these officials are supplying this heroin. Seen in the paper not long ago where a guy pleaded guilty to selling a 30$sack of weed and the judge dismisses 2counts of trafficking heroin. Really.must of been a good moneymaker for his heroin supplier.the courts put him back out there to sell more dope and make the county some more $.norwalk...a great place for kids? Yup, if ya want your kids to be addicts,thieves,snitches,ci's,people:take your young kids and leave this heroin capitol with its crooked sheriff and crooked justice system.