Norwalk woman arrested on heroin, forgery charges

Huron County Children's Services contacted after her residence is searched.
Scott Seitz2
May 19, 2014


A Norwalk woman was taken into custody on a number of charges Thursday.

Brooke Deak, of 23 Newton St., Apt. D-9, was arrested by Huron County Sheriff's deputies on a Norwalk police warrant for forgery, along with the additional charges of tampering with evidence, possession of cocaine and possession of heroin.

"We had received information Brooke Deak was traveling to Cleveland to purchase heroin," Detective Sgt. Josh Querin said.

"We knew Brooke was already wanted on a felony warrant out of the Norwalk Police Department so we set up on a route she would be traveling," Querin said.

Assisting at the traffic stop on U.S. 20 were Sheriff Dane Howard, Chief Deputy Ted Patrick, Maj. Mike Cooksey, Lt. Chris Stanfield and the members of the detective bureau.

"Upon stopping her, Ms. Deak threw a suspected heroin syringe out of the window of her vehicle," Querin said.

"There were also heroin-related items seized from the vehicle," he said.

Deputies then headed to Deak's Newton Street residence, where she granted consent to search her apartment.

Officers seized a suspected crack-cocaine pipe, numerous syringes, spoons used to cook heroin and a small amount of suspected heroin.

"Brooke was supplying heroin to individuals in the city of Norwalk," Querin said.

Huron County Children's Services was contacted, Querin said, because children were known to stay at the residence with Deak, though no children were present at the time of her arrest.

"We will continue to step up the enforcement in Huron County," Querin said.



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Well, well , well. Why would you need to search her home, when you caught her with the drugs? Why would the reflector post her entire address as well? I mean, they're stalkers out there and maybe some ex bf looking for her, she could be hiding from someone. Yet this newspaper blast her entire address.. Way to go reflunkter....


wow friend of yours lug...your pretty defensive aren't you...shes a junkie loser who does not care about her children or child...every junkie drug dealers address should be made public so people who give a crap about their lives and their kids know whats going on in their neighborhoods...its as simple as this, if you don't want to be blasted don't do stupid things...but hey, 6 months of cbcf should change her like it does everyone else...she will be back soon with a clean record,pocket full of drugs and right back to destroying her kids life in no time...conway will see to that!


Not everyone that goes to cbcf relapses, so to make fun or mock it is not any better than the ppl who take advantage of it and don't make good use of the program. Ppl can change and its places like cbcf that helps addicts deal with e every day life issues that they can't deal with like normal ppl. I have been clean for a great amount of yrs and I credit cbcf for this. You get absolutely no rehabilitation in prison. So before everyone is so quick to judge, think that this could happen to one of your loved ones and cbcf could possibly be why they stayed clean. Just saying.


your right there is a small percentage of people that do learn from their mistakes and get clean and that's great. congrats on your clean time but your felony didn't do that for you! you did! six months in jail and drug counseling would have done the same thing for you. getting clean and staying clean is up to the individual and if they are ready for change and to throw away the repetitive lifestyle that has kept them where they are. now as far as this happening too one of my loved ones, has that's why i'm so verbal about this issue...i've lost several friends and family members to this lifestyle of drug abuse...some are still here walking our streets like the walking dead, some are just dead...most junkies see cbcf as a get out of jail free card and i think its crap. they don't deserve expunged records. almost all of these felonious druggies are re-offenders or dime bag snitches who snitch on other dime bag dealers. its time for real punishment, its the only way this problem is going to get some what under control.


Why wouldn't they have listed her address? They always list people's addresses...if she's hiding, maybe she should be a little more law abiding. I mean, fine up-standing, non-law breaking people rarely get mentioned in the paper unless they want to be. Just a thought..


NEVER NEVER NEVER grant consent to search, EVER! if they want to search, they may, but make them jump through all the hoops. repeat, NEVER NEVER NEVER grant consent to search, EVER!!