Edison Elementary stresses importance of physical fitness

Family Fitness Challenge launced to curb rise in childhood obesity and diabetes.
Zoe Greszler
May 20, 2014


Physical fitness is a top priority at Edison Elementary.

"With the financial cuts, a lot of time in elementary school physical education is one of the things that get cut back on because it's not mandated," Edison Elementary principal David Hermes said.

But not at Edison.

"With childhood obesity and diabetes, getting kids physically active is very important," Hermes said. "Most of the time you have kids inside playing video games and it's very seldom that you see them out playing."

Edison Elementary is trying to change that with a Family Fitness Challenge.


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PE class is NOT mandated and one of the first cuts in the budget, then everyone complains because kids get are not exercising and become obese. Then the government comes in, MANDATES what they can eat (aka yucky, unseasoned, tasteless, food no child likes or eats). Go back to lunch ladies COOKING real food, not some slop out of a can that the government buys from a mass produced factory. Give the kids back recess and PE class. Let them play and be kids (within reason, we had 2-15 minute recesses a day, PE 3 times a week). I bet the ADHD/ADD is better controlled, obesity/weight issues change, kids are just kids. Too much is being expected out of them with no energy release allowed. All they do is sit. Sit in school, sit at home.


I agree. Kids have to sit and learn a bunch of crap in order to pass the stupid politically-mandated tests. In addition to being obese, our kids are stressed out, too. Cutting PE, recess, art and music are so the school administrators can look good on the district's report card. Everyone deserves breaks throughout the day, even kids! No wonder there are so many bullies in schools these days. Kids need physical and creative outlets.


The lady in the photo needs to lead by example.