South Central students raise funds for police dogs

Sheriff calls students' fundraising efforts "very powerful."
Cary Ashby
Jun 8, 2014


Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard recently experienced a first during his administration.

The South Central SADD group recently donated a total of $800 toward the canine units. SADD stands for Students against Destructive Decisions. Howard and Chief Deputy Ted Patrick bought pizza for the students and gave them a tour of the sheriff's office.

The sheriff considers it "very powerful" how the students reached out and "raised this much money."

"It's one of the finest group of students I've seen in my 30 years," Howard said, referring to his time in law enforcement.

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Bridgit Lacey, South Central business and computers teacher and SADD adviser, explained how the students were inspired for the fundraiser.

In the fall, the students wanted to have an all-school assembly about "new drugs," especially heroin and Krokodil. (Krokodil is the street name for Permonid, a morphine derivative.)

During the display, deputies showed off what the police dogs can do when searching for drugs. The officers also provided information on various drugs.

"Right after the assembly, students, teachers and staff thanked us for bringing them in and requiring them to be there," Lacey said.

Cameron Lloyd, son of corrections officer Mike Lloyd, shared with Lacey how we wanted SADD to do something to give back to the community. Cameron Lloyd's father has overseen the canine unit used in the Huron County Jail for about the last year.

Lacey said the students decided to raise money for the canine units in the sheriff's office and praised them for raising $400 "in such a short amount of time."

Her husband, Bo, the owner of Bo Lacey Construction, agreed to match the amount of money the students raised. Ultimately, the South Central SADD group donated $800 to the sheriff's office.

One of the fundraising events was an ice cream social at lunch in which students donated the amount they wanted for the ice cream.

"Whatever the students donated was 100 percent toward the canines," Bridgit Lacey said.

The next day, students and staff could pay $1 to dress casually or wear hats.

"Just from those two events, we raised over $400. My husband matched that," Lacey said.

Lloyd, 16, said the school assembly taught him a lot about what drugs are on the streets now and "what to look out for."

The junior enjoyed watching the police dog demonstration.

"It was cool watching them work," Lloyd said.

Since his father is a corrections officer, Lloyd said "it means more" to raise the $800 for the police dogs. The teenager said he has considered going into law enforcement also, but he hasn't decided.

Senior Alli Hintz, 18, said watching the police dogs search for drugs was "really cool."

"It got everyone's attention," she said. "It was fun when the teachers took a bite."

Hintz was impressed how the assembly showed off the different sides of the dogs' personalities, especially how they went from being "people-friendly" to ready to work.

"You can see the other side of them," she said.

The $800 donation will go toward feeding and training the police dogs.

"None of the money will go toward any other programs. Every penny will go toward the canines," Howard said.

"We deal with so much negativity in law enforcement, it warmed our hearts at the sheriff's office. We are overwhelmed with their kindness," Howard said.



Great job coming together as a group and raising money South Central SADD. But, I think the money could have been used much much differently and been more effective. $800 dollars could have bought a lot of literature that would have lasted longer than dog food and brought awareness to a cause that needs addressed. That $800 dollars is going to be literally crapped out in the HCSD lawn.

Unfortunately Mr.Howard you deal with negativity with any job, especially when you're the sheriff that is NOT getting the hard drugs off the streets that are causing OD's in this area. Or when your office is raiding and busting (sometimes illegally) marijuana users or sellers when heroin junkies roam free. Positive actions get positive results. You reap what you sow, e.g. your waistline.

For those that don't know I'll save you the google search. E.g.= exempli gratia, which means "for the sake of example".


i agree with you the sheriff gets plenty of money from donations from clubs and lodges etc. that sell pull tickets and have to give a portion of the money to charity. that money goes into an f.o.j. fund that is seperate from the budget he is given every year. the f.o.j. fund are finances that the sheriff can spend on anything he wants; he should have advised those kids to use the money elsewhere


Good job to all those students that helped raise money!!!!


As a person who rates public education right up there with organized religion, I normally
could give a big fat rat’s rectum what they (sarcastically) do to “benefit” society. I do feel
a comment is a necessity in the K-9 unit’s defence. Since so many people had derogatory
comments on what the students did to raise money for the dogs who risk their lives to
protect your sorry behind, I have the solution. Don’t feed or care for the dogs at all. Then
the Humane Society and Dog Warden can reach into their deep deep coffers (more
sarcasm), do a raid on the Sherriff’s Dept., rescue the emaciated animals and spend
taxpayer money to have them put down because now they are unable to do their job. It’s
hard to be your best when you are ill or STARVING. If you Betty Bummers want to help,
you can hold the highly trained intellegent dogs as they take their last breath. Then we can
better use the huge amount of $800.00 to dole out to the herion addicts. Lord knows they
need help. I am an alumni of many schools in this county. I happened to have graduated
from South Central (that’s the school in southern Huron county that never gets mentioned
in the Snorwalk Reflector). The mere fact that the comments are negative prompts me to
go to the K-9 unit and personally give them a donation of high quality dog food. If you
don’t think the dogs deserve it, feed that to your people handing out literature or anything
else as moronic. By the way, don’t forget to slam all the therapy animals that benefit
Wounded Warriors. You go Lacey family!! Keep on keeping on!


Easy tentribes. I came from one tribe and they taught me an educational paper in the hand is worth more than a dog crap in the lawn. No one ever said let the dogs starve. But apparently it sounds like if the South Central SADD wouldn't have came to the rescue of those poor dogs then they wouldn't have eaten. Causing a raid from the Dog Warden , the DEA and probably the CIA. So I guess the Sheriff's department is now being derelict in budgeting food cost for their dogs and is leaving it up to public donations? I highly highly doubt that is the case. As a matter of fact the Norwalk Reflector ran a story a few months ago that outlined the purchase of the new dog and the cost associated with all the dogs. The money for food was already there.
Also, this has nothing to do with Wounded Warriors project. I have friends I served with that have those service dogs. I probably know more about it the program than you do so please don't insult that program by mentioning it here.
If you want to go donate cans of dog food until your blue in the face please do. I'm sure Carey Ashby will be right there to write the story (the way you want it) and The Great Dane will be there for the photo op. It will be a splendid day for the tax payers that just got a break, from another tax payer. I feel that Mike Lloyd had a huge role to play in where the money went. His son, a senior, that is thinking about going into law enforcement? Yeah, I'm sure that had nothing to do with where the money went.
I think in the future that Students Against (key words---->) Destructive Decisions (<----key words)should focus their resources more on Destructive Decisions and less on Purina. Its too bad that you felt that anyone comments were demeaning towards anyone other than the sheriffs department for taking the money for dog food. Dane should have thanked SADD and Ms. Lacey for doing an excellent job and recommended the money go towards raising awareness. Not raising a dogs tail or leg to crap. I mean the kids efforts are literally being turned into crap and that is sad. You would think a business teacher would know what a horrible investment that is and try to appropriate the funds for awareness. The kids wanted to have the assemble in the first place to raise awareness about Heroin and Krokodil not how dogs eat or what they eat. Some how this ended up with a $800 donation for dog food. And in 3 months the donation will be gone with no more education being brought to the front line than before.


JakeMac25 e.g. you have your opinion and I have mine. I have a nephew dog(yeah, he's part of the family) that works with Wounded Warriors and both sees ours troops off as well as welcomes them home. I have a close family member who is a retired Native American veteran of 2 wars and numerous deployments. He proudly accompanies this precious pup to many functions they do on their own time. His son is also retired military. I also have a great nephew and a great niece serving this country currently. They are all Army. I slammed the people that more than likely hurt the feelings of kids who gave their time and energy only to be told in the comments the decision to donate the money to their choice was not welcomed with the highest praise it should have been given. Low self esteem from constant criticism leads to the big "H" if you listen to popular opinion.


So, students come together, raise money and donate it, only to have people then criticize them for it? For the reason some think they should have found a better use for the money? Here is an idea, if you think you have a better use for the money, hold your own fundraiser and donate it to who YOU want. This is what the KIDS wanted to donate the money to. Noone told them who to donate to, they did it themselves. I applaud kids today for doing anything that isn't self indulgent. The generation today are so self absorbed to have them think of anyone or anything but themselves is wonderful, yet you all find the need to slam them for it.

South Central SADD, congratulations on a job well done. Thank you for your donation.


IMO The students and teachers were probably remembering how impressed they were with seeing the work the canine unit did and wanted to see their work rewarded. What better way to do that than to raise money to support their efforts? Maybe these dogs just might be used in a drug bust that could save someones life by getting those drugs off the streets OR maybe they will save an officers life by stopping a person from attacking or shooting him.
I did read in this article the money would go for feeding AND TRAINING.
Furthermore as to the comment on Mike Lloyd directing this money....yes I'm sure he did have something to do with it by raising a son that respects his father and what he does for a living.
Alli, Cameron and all the rest of the South Central SADD group, great job and you all should be applauded for your efforts as well as all the students and teachers who donated. Thank you to Bo Lacy for matching their efforts.
Nice to see a positive article about the Greenwich area in the news for a change.


tax dollars and government funding pays for these dogs,their training and their food. south central schools is one of the poorest schools in this district. I'm sure 800 dollars could have been used somewhere in their classrooms. about ten years ago that school couldn't even offer their students a hot lunch, their students used to have to pack, and if they didn't they didn't eat all day. maybe they should have invested that money in an anti-chewing tobacco program, just sayin.....