'I hate this shooter'

Norwalk woman seeks justice after family cat is shot.
Joe Centers
May 17, 2014


There is a shooter in town, and Erma Ross wants to find out who it is.

"Someone discharged a firearm in town and shot my family pet with a pellet gun," said Ross, who lives at 98 N. Pleasant St., in Norwalk. "Her name is Hungry -- our beautiful girl, our sweet black and white cat. She's only 2 years old. She has a shattered left leg, femur bone with bone fragments, X-rays from Mapleview Animal Hospital indicates."

Ross said Hungry was shot May 8 on her property.

"The Norwalk police have been very helpful and are still investigating," Ross said. "This incident sickens me. Whoever shot her needs a few pellets in them to suffer as she has. This was no accident. My girl, Hungry, was targeted. I have no pet insurance.

"I'm afraid to go out in my fenced-in back yard. I won't let my grandchildren on the trampoline -- that was Hungry's favorite place to lay and bask in the sun. She will never do that again. I'm afraid to hang up laundry on my clothesline on a sunny day. Will a bullet hit me? Your pet or children may be next.

"I had my home burglarized a year ago. Life is tough. This is just one of many more depressions in life to fight through. Why my girl? And I will ask why? That is my right. Why a sweet cat as Hungry? Cruelty to animals. Why are not pellet guns registered as a weapon? It is a weapon, with so much pressure behind the hit, it can kill.

"For Hungry's cause, I need some answers. She is traumatized. She just collapses to use her litter pan."

Ross said she cannot forgive whoever shot her cat.

"I hate this shooter," she said. "I hate what you did to my girl, to this family who loves her. You are a deranged idiot. You need to lay around with a bullet in your leg, for Hungry's cause."

Ross said there is a cat problem on her street.

"Norwalk needs to do something and to do it quick," she said. "The health department and humane society needs to go (to the home). There is a huge cat problem in that house. In and out. This is out of control."

Anybody who has information is encouraged to call the Norwalk Police Department at (419) 663-6780.



so much hate..


This lady is nuts! I would move if I was half as scared as she claims to be. Funny article though.

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I don't doubt that the poor woman is terrified, but I think Mr. Centers tried to add a little razzle dazzle to the story.


All ya all that got up and drank your haterade today, I'd like to give you pause. Something precious to this lady was injured. Those of you that have nothing precious in your life have my extreme sympathy. I am extremely allergic to cats. I can't be in a cat owner's abode for more than a few minutes without having a reaction. What I'm quoting is attributed to http:facts.randomhistory.com/200.... In Europe from 1348 through 1351, a plague epidemic swept through Europe. Killing and estimated 25-60% of Europeans. Some estimates as high as 2/3 of the population. The exact death toll is difficult to measure from medieval sources. The number of deaths varied considerably by area and depending on the source . Current estimates are that between 75 and 200 million people died from the plague. You may be more familiar with the term "Black Death," but, back in the day it was called either "the Great Mortality" or "the Pestilence."

Eventually, medical practitioners, determined that the plague was spread by fleas who fed off rats and then bit humans.

I'm going to paraphrase from this source because I don't have all night. Basically during this time period there were, because of food shortages, migrations of people to population centers and because there were also food shortages for rats, they migrated amongst the people.

Coincidentally during this time people believed that cats were evil and they were regularly sought out and killed.

I don't have the numbers so I am reticent to discuss this issue, but, I read some time ago an article that explained, and I had and "oh crap" moment what a treat that rats pose to the worlds food supply. It explained that how ever many hundreds of rats that were in a particular area how much grain was consumed.

During the times of the plague/B.death cats were reviled and killed. Cats are one of the most effective predators of rats. See a connection here?

If you don't want ferrel cats in you neighborhood, secure your garbage. Oh! By the way, cats are not the only ones coming for your garbage. Other species are coming for the food sources you make so readily available. Skunks, raccoons, coyotes, and don't forget; mice and RATS. Maybe they aren't bring the plague. These animals are all susceptible to rabies.


obviously a child, and a poor shot...


Was her cat out of her yard? Does it run the neighborhood? If she kept it in the house it would not have got shot.


According to the story Hungry was shot in her owner's yard.


So this cat stays in the yard? Is it on a leash? She saw it get shot IN her yard? I find it hard to believe that the cat goes outdoors and never leaves the yard. There is a very simple solution to this. Just like dog owners, cats should be required to be ON a leash or under the owners control at all times. Along with a license. Or. Even easier....keep the cat inside.

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ladydye#5, I totally agree with you. I rescued a 6 month old cat that almost died after being shot in the head by some little ba$tard with a BB gun. He's the best little pal I could have ever hoped for, and as a responsible cat owner I'd never let him run around loose outside.

me arse

It's a load of crap saying that Hungry was shot in her owner's yard. There's no proof to back that statement up. The article doesn't say that anyone witnessed the shooting. Given the info that's provided, it would be just as feasible to say the shot came from behind the grassy knoll. Hungry could have easily been shot a few doors down and then staggered home.


Hungry was probably sifting through someone's trash and was mistaken for a coon. Keep your pussie in your house lady.


According to the story Hungry was shot in her owner's yard not in someone's trash.


There's so many ferile cats over there you'd think the cat would be an indoor cat, but now it's a parenting issue because the 15 yr old kid wasn't properly supervised. I love animals, that's why mine stay in my house.


Would this cat qualify for the family membership at Valley Beach?


A responsible pet owner would keep their cat in the house I agree.Male cats will fight and they can tear each other up really bad among other things that happen to a free roaming cat,like getting hit by cars etc. But when it's all said and done, no one has the right to shoot an animal for pleasure.or because they don't like them. IMO how a person treats and animal tells me a lot about that person. I also agree Lady if you are that afraid you do need to move, and if moving is out of the question go for some counseling to get over this fear, and don't worry about the cost, obmamacare has got you covered.


If I as a dog owner have to keep my dog on a leash, licensed etc., why not cat owners? Cats come into my yard and dig up my garden and flowers to crap. I'm sure that cat had been outside of the yard before and probably walked across the neighbors car one to many times. Keep your cat in the house and it won't get shot. As for your paranoia, I'm sure they were targeting your cat. They aren't going to start plinking at you or anyone else unless you go in their yard and crap in their flower garden. Stop whining and keep your cat inside where it belongs. One less cat running around now, so I guess the pellet gun worked, didn't it!?


Theres way too many cats in this town gettin in trash....they need to meet Jesus. It's either a house cat or a stray, you don't live on a farm!

Dr. Information

The definition of crazy cat lady has now been clarified.


I call BS that the cat stays in it's yard and doesn't dig through others trash and climb and leave muddy paw prints on a freshly washed car. Unless there is a dome over that yard, that cat goes wherever and whenever it wants. You wouldn't believe how many cared for cats with collars that I've humanely trapped and taken to shelters.

Keep your cat in the house where it belongs, lady. Find someone else to HATE. If your cat is on my lawn, it's fair game.


Wow, there sure are
alot of mean people around here.


wow, there sure are a lot of stupid cat owners around here.


this is where mean people, and the people who love them come to meet. it stays ugly in here, but with a open mind and a twisted sense of humor, it's worth checking out every day! i love these people!

Dr. Information

BB guns registered? Lol. Won't let anyone out of your house because are afraid they will be shot and killed? With a BB gun? Lol. This cat ticked off someone by either tearing up their garbage or yard.

Animal cruelty isn't cool but this lady is cray cray crazy.


It completely amazes me on how cruel, cold and ignorant people are!! If this is how this lady feels about her pet, then so be it. She is not asking you to feel the same but just feels a bit uneasy now after something she cares for was shot. You all should not judge,you have no idea about her life...shame on you all!! I'm sure the same people B****ing about the cats would be the first to complain if there were no strays or house pets running around and this town was over populated with mice and rats. Some people just cannot be pleased or happy no matter what the situation and that is just down right sad! I know for a face that there is a man over on Whittlesey between Joe & Ed's and Spring that shoots cats. So sad that people are afraid to go outside...whether it be a bullet or a BB it is a deadly weapon no matter what! Animals get out by mistake and sick disturbed people take advantage of the situation!!! SAD SAD SAD is all I can say about the people who do this to animals and about the people who so rudely commented on this article!!



modern concrete

Your a good and passionate person littleboy!


Littlboy- if rats and mice are running everywhere I set traps! Cats are running everywhere then we shall shoot them. Same thing. Both are a menace. If you don' want your pet mouse or rat trapped, then keep it on a leash or in your yard. If not, tuff bonkers..kill 'em all and let God sort 'em out!!!


Blue, unfortunately there are some people who have never been lucky enough to experience the unconditional love of a four-legged companion. It is difficult for them to have compassion for any animal.

modern concrete

Norwalk has so much going on, that citizens of Norwalk can count the cats in the neighborhood. Shooting someone's pet is totally wrong. Dog or cat!!;
Get a life Norwalk... No wonder you all get excited when a drunk in Willard talks smack and you evacuate a salon. Your people are use to counting neighborhood cats!!!

Good 2 B Me

Be Responsible and keep your cat in the house.

Oh yeah...be glad it was your cat that got shot and not yourself.

HATE is such a strong word...maybe you should look for some help with your anger.