Defendant granted drug intervention

Woman won't have conviction on her record if she completes drug abuse program.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
May 17, 2014


A woman was granted intervention in lieu of conviction Thursday.

That means if Angela L. Wargo, 24, of Lorain, successfully completes a certified substance abuse program, she won't have a conviction on her record.

Wargo was placed on three years of probation Thursday through Huron County Common Pleas Court. She must reimburse the Norwalk Police Department $40 to cover the cost of drug testing.

In mid-March, a Huron County grand jury indicted Wargo on trafficking in a counterfeit controlled substance in connection with a Feb. 23 incident. According to her indictment, the Feb. 23 "offense was committed in the vicinity of a juvenile."


J Cooper

DEALER + No Jail = Judge Conway, If you aren't part of the solution your are the problem.


absolutely correct cooper!!!! what is going on here? how are all of these felonious drug losers always having these felonies expunged from their records, i just don't get many of these idiots have already been to these inpatient facilities and probation? most of them! and do they work? NO! lock em up and make these charges stick...let them have these felonies on their record and spend some significant time in jail and maybe they might be able to get this problem under control.


Trash...put her out with the trash..