Tax dollars for deputies' college education? Cruisers parked at fitness center?

Huron County sheriff tackles pair of issues.
Scott Seitz2
May 19, 2014


Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard explained a pair of issues that recently came into question by a county resident.

That resident, via email, claimed the sheriff was using tax dollars to pay for employees' education at a local university.

The resident also claimed seeing sheriff's cruisers parked at a south-side fitness center recently.

Howard was more than happy to address these items when asked by a reporter Thursday.

The sheriff spoke first about the cruisers spotted at the fitness center.

"That is permitted and reinforced," the sheriff said.

Howard added deputies either coming to or going home from work are allowed to stop at the fitness center for a workout.

"We want the deputies and corrections officers to stay in shape," he said. "If they are not coming to work or leaving work to go home, they can't take a cruiser to the fitness center.

"This is part of the wellness program," the sheriff said. "It's nothing new. It's been going on 25 years. We don't pay the memberships."

Howard said with deputies working out, it helps with the overall health-insurance cost.

There are about a half-dozen officers who are involved.

Howard said he received clearance from the county and the County Risk Sharing Authority.

"We also have a small gym here at the office," he said. "We've had 30 officers injured in the past 5 1/2 years. This is a way for them to stay healthy, stay in shape and protect themselves.

"I stand by this program 100 percent," Howard said. "It's the right thing to do."

He then talked about paying for employees' education.

"We don't pay for anybody's education," he said.

Deputies/corrections officers who have a law-enforcement-related degree receive an annual stipend, which is $200 for an associate's degree and $600 for a bachelor's degree.

"This is part of the union contract," Howard said.

"We do encourage higher education and look for that in the hiring process," he added. "But, we don't pay for it."


Brock Lee

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It's probably been a while. He needs to be available for spontaneous photo opportunities.


lol..yeah I thought no danger of seeing him at the fitness center


Easy qustions, How about our lack of a SWAT Team? He got money for it. Whats he doing with the money? 2 Why are there 4 dog but yet none are used except for PR? What about a copy of that search warrant the SR been asking for? I'm sure there's more.


Yes, WHERE IS OUR SWAT TEAM? We once had the junkyard dogs, the best in the state of OHIO, won many awards, and was well known. Where are the weapons, gear, and swat vehicle, paid for by us taxpayers. What happened to the members of the team? What is or was missing besides the MP5? Who was punished for it missing, as it was not Corbin who had it but was disciplined for it missing! Who is next on the chopping block? Who is going down for the mistakes at 114 1/2 Benedict, as The Great Dane will throw people under the bus to save his backside, that is a sure bet!


You people up there in Norwalk might as well blame the Sheriff for the lousy weather, too. Pathetic bunch of whiners!


the cars are working out so they can carry all that..

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junk in the trunk?




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I think all police officers should have take homes and be able to use them off duty as well within a certain area from where they work. Other states allow this and it is a huge success.


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No foot chases for him. Fleeing and eluding. Only need to flee from him.he'd never see you 'eluding' .


In the army we have to exercise to be fit for battle and I believe local law enforcement should as well. They have more of a chance running than we do. In war we shoot not run. They have to chase people who run from them, often. The fat officers around here would be lucky to catch a cold in spring. PT tests should be part of their job.

swiss family

maybe it was a different time, maybe not , but I don't remember remember any scandals the entire time that Sheriff Borgia was in Office..... ever... I don't remember and scandal the entire time that Sheriff Dunlap was in Office either.. I do remember that the Sutherlands had some problems, but I think that the County commissioners that we had at that time were, wanting to make waves, and I also think that it was during that time that the price of gas fluctuated so much that it was difficult to budget accordingly to accommodate to cover how much you needed based on the money provided for the year, not knowing what the price would be... so I do understand the problem.. But with Sheriff Howard, it seems like it has been one problem after another, inmates jumping, fences installed secretly without being bid properly, this fiasco, and failing to admit you made a huge mistake and plowing through like you had every right to search a home without a search warrant... sorry Dane I voted for you, but I would not do it again....

former local

This is a non-issue, move on.


I'd like to see Sheriff Chubs SPRINT just forty yards. I swear I'd pay $20.00 to watch.