Norwalk man at center of controversial raid is arrested

John Collins faces felony charge after lab work reveals seized pipe contained cocaine.
Scott Seitz2
May 19, 2014


A Benedict Avenue man, who found himself at the center of controversy after a March 25 raid at his residence, was arrested Thursday on a felony drug warrant.

John Collins, 25, of 114 1/2 Benedict Ave., was taken into custody without incident at 9:30 a.m. by Huron County Sheriff's Office deputies.

During the March 25 raid, Collins had said a number of his personal items had been damaged, a claim that was dismissed by an outside investigator recently.

The warrant for Collins on Thursday, which was signed by Norwalk Municipal Court Judge Eric Weisenburger, was for possession of cocaine, a fifth-degree felony.

Deputies had seized Collins' marijuana pipes on March 25.

"Those pipes tested positive for cocaine," Chief Deputy Ted Patrick said about the crime lab results. "Collins had admitted those were his pipes he had used for marijuana."

Collins had said at the time of the raid, according to his phone app, he had been clean for several months.

"I think the evidence speaks for itself," Patrick said.

Deputy Brad Polachek made the arrest. He was assisted at the scene by Patrick and Lt. Chris Stanfield.

"We knocked and a female answered the door," Patrick said. "Collins came downstairs, saw Deputy Polachek and was upset she had let us in.

"Mr. Collins was instructed to get dressed and was taken to jail," he added.



But....the app on his phone says he is clean. Oh wait, I bet someone will say it isn't his pipe right?


You beat me to it!! LOL I was just getting ready to say almost the exact same thing...




How long before the conspiracy theorists get on here and say this is all a cover-up?? He has an APP for God's sake...

me arse


me arse

itsnotme, This is just for you, "Deputy Polachek must have switched pipes while no one was looking".

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You are right about that...there must be nothing wrong here if YOU start bringing it up before it starts.


anyone remember the comment on the first article about his "long coke nail"..hahaha..nice observation by the commenter


Yep that was me. I'm not a drug user but definitely know about them. This is funny as hell to me. I knew this guy wasn't clean by looking at him. Yet people wanted to stick up for him lmao


The issue here is our 4th amendment rights! I care that rights of the constitution of the USA are maintained. These officers need to remember their oath of protecting the constitution, not stomp on our rights! So all evidence taken is excluded on a bad warrant. Let's see if the Judge upholds the constitution at pre trial hearing. Smoke and Mirror's here by the HCSO! It is called CYA!!!


EXACTLY, signersdecendant. The evidence was taken during an illegal search and seizure. ANYTHING found in that man's home during the unlawful raid is exempt from evidence. And just because another sheriff came to inspect and found no damaged goods makes it just A-OK, right?!


Smell like a Huron County Sheriff C Y A.


I don't have time to look it up, but if I'm not mistaken, cops who do not have a LEGAL warrant, which they did not, can not seize nor use items taken in someones home because the search was illegally used at the WRONG ADDRESS.

Didn't the Sheriffs execute a warrant for a different address? If so then instead of Collins being charged the Cops should be charged for B&E, kidnapping, assault and now theft!

I don't care if the guy is guilty, I CARE WHAT THE COPS DO, if they were there ILLEGALLY then nothing is admissible, and none of us are safe from Government abuses. Hitler did this type of thing, and we have a constitution which prevents this from happening here.

I will be very surprised if the ACLU doesn't get involved.



swiss family

AMEN... the Sheriff's Dept did not have a legal search warrant to search his premises... so anything that they find inside his home is NOT admissible against him.. I certainly hope he has called the ACLU on this one... they have NO right to just bust down your door , handcuff you and search your living space for violations.... I would certainly think that a "Cop's Wife" would know at least that much!!!Obviously NOT

me arse

You're right Swiss, call the ACLU and let them run wild with this thing.


Yeah. It's troubling, Truth.
The comments are more concerned about catching a guy in a lie than the disturbing abuse of power by law enforcement.
That raid was more frightening and problematic than a bus load of heroin addicts in the maple city.


Having said that....
Since he looks exactly like Kenny Loggins, I believe an arrest was warranted.
Now you gotta cut loose. Footloose.


I think he's on a highway to the danger zone....


If that was all I had to be ashamed of, Bucks.
If only.


i hate drug dealers and junkies but wrong is wrong! this is completely inadmissible evidence that was collected illegally. it should be thrown out quickly. if it isn't i will completely lose any hope i might still have for this town. they will try to punish this guy though, probably more so than most junkie felons just to prove a point!


"This town" has nothing to do with this case. It is Huron County and the Huron County Sheriff that are involved. Attorney "Special Ed" Rhode is already involved in this matter, secured the release of Collins almost immediately, and is probably planning the construction of a new house on Kelley's Island with his part of the proceeds from the lawsuit.


paid for with our tax dollars...i say we egg it when its finished


We should consider a different target for those eggs - its Sheriff Stay-Puft that opened the County to this liability possibility - However the county insurance will likely pay most of it.


Not necessarily. If a civil suit is filed asking for punitive damages, that comes from the pockets of the officers named. If the county insurance carriers think they will lose, they will offer a settlement and leave the deputies up to their defense. Insurance carriers will only protect the county.


"Sheriff Stay-Puft"....LMAO!!!!


the sad thing is that he probably will get a chunk of change for years headline "benedict ave. man dies from overdose; drugs bought with money won from civil suit"....


Ed Rhode is a very good and fair lawyer..he will get to the bottom of things..