Message for Huron County residents: Beware of scam

Authorities say to hang up and contact local law enforcement officers if you receive a phone call of this sort.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
May 18, 2014


The Huron County Sheriff's Office received information from a Norwalk resident about a call received from the "Public Awareness for Police Protective Fund."

There was a concern of this call being legitimate. The complainant advised that when she called the number back on her caller ID (740-818-5143), only a recording was received, deputies said.

This number was confirmed as being identified to a wireless phone, and the recording stated, "Please leave your name and number twice."

The Ohio Attorney General's Office was contacted, and a search for verification was conducted. The Attorney General's Office responded by saying that this organization was not registered with their office and not in compliance, which they advised indicates a "potential scam."

In 2011, this organization was pinpointed as requesting donations by phone in Northfield, Ill., claiming its representatives were soliciting on behalf of local law enforcement agencies. Village officials for these agencies stated they would not solicit contributions over the telephone, and warned their residents not to respond to anyone requesting donations for their agencies.

Sheriff Dane Howard is advising that if you receive a similar call, hang up and call the non-emergency number at the Huron County Sheriff's Office to report the incident. (419-663-2828)

If you have concerns about anyone reporting that they are raising funds for law enforcement purposes, contact your local law enforcement authority to determine the legitimacy.



So if this "organization" was found to be a fraud, then why are they/it still calling? Glad to see our system is working to keep these organizations from cheating people..can't stop this and they think they can stop the heroin epidemic?!!


I never, ever give out my credit card number for any reason over the telephone EXCEPT when I make the call to a company I know and place an order.

Robo - calls equals MY Automatic Hang up.

"Mr. or Mrs. Smith,
I'm Calling"... equals MY Automatic hang-up. Including but not limited to, solicitations from phone/cable companies, any police fund, any Veterans fund.

I use to wait and press whatever for next available person , just in order to mess with them and waste their time, but I don't even do that anymore.

The mumps scam ?