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FAA prohibits Norwalk raceway from using Huron County Airport as an exit Saturday
Scott Seitz2
May 16, 2014


The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has denied a local raceway from using the county airport as an exit Saturday.

Off and on for the past few years, Summit Motorsports Park has utilized the Huron County Airport runway as an exit after large events. An arrangement worked out months ago called for the raceway to use the airport five times this year for a fee of $2,000 per event.

The first of those five events was supposed to be Saturday for the Cavalcade of Stars, but airport officials did not submit the paperwork in time, so the FAA said no.

Bill Bader Jr., president of the raceway, didn't learn that their deal had fallen through until he read about it in the Norwalk Reflector on Thursday.


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Pure genius, an opportunity for taxpayers to make a buck off of a losing venture called the Huron County Airport and our airport board in it's infinite wisdom doesn't get the paperwork done in time.

me arse

Maybe not getting the paper work done on time was intentional???


I agree. The Airport Board members were interviewed and selected by the three Huron County Commissioners. This ordeal makes me wonder what our "three stooges" are up to this time, that their "puppets" didn't submit the paperwork in time. Hmmm . . . .

me arse

Too bad Billy boy.


reeks of jealousy to me arse hat!

me arse

Think again. I've known Billy for 24 years. I think this airport situation is bad for his business. There's no excuse for the paper work not being complete and submitted on time.


A $10,000 Loss for the county in the so called new board members. Maybe it's time just to sell the airport off, seeing how no one can seem to run it. I've been reading about all the issues with this airport for the past several years, bickering/ arguing. This is BS, for the taxpayers.

yogi bear

I hope they kept a public record of this!


Once the dust settles and Bill Bader owns it, he will use it for access as he sees fit. Money pit on county taxpayers as it is now.

citizenof hc

First, after talking to a few people who attended Tuesday's meeting, it is apparent the blame falls directly on the current chair, Mr. Essex who supposedly received the information from Bader in January, then shared the info with his partner Frankenfield, but never shared Bader's request with the rest of the airport board. Don't forget, these two were purposely appointed by the commissioners (Hintz's buddys) to cause as much turmoil as possible. In fact I'm told the rest of the airport board members only first heard about the request last friday. Of course nothing was ever sent into the FAA by Mr. Essex. The Request was apparently sent to the FAA by the airport board as soon as they received a copy of Bader's original letter earlier this week. To add insult to injury Mr. Frankenfield falsely told the airport board members on Tuesday that the FAA gave verbal approval for all the closures. Did Essex plan this to cause more turmoil?? We now know that No such verbal authorization was ever granted by the FAA so what does that say about Mr. Frankenfield

The county is obligated to operate the Huron County Airport as such, in PERPETUITY, so don't expect to see it sold to anyone in your lifetime.

Right now there are 2 businesses who want to move in to the large airport complex that would actually benefit the community year round, not just 5 days out of the year, but these commissioners would rather see 13% unemployment than invest in real economic development.


Re: "The county is obligated to operate the Huron County Airport as such, in PERPETUITY"

And if the county experiences a fiscal emgergency?

"Perpetuity" is just a word.


Contract. Promise. Integrity. Honesty. All just words to folks like you.


Re: "Contract."


FYI: Your pal Pres. Obama tore up that silly notion with the nationalization of Chrysler and GM.

Point: So if HC experiences a fiscal emergency they should reduce funding for essential health and welfare programs, while continuing to fully fund the airport?

Resources are ALWAYS limited. To think otherwise just demonstrates ignorance.


Contango - Essex and Frankenfield are your buddy's along with Hintz. They screwed up the deal for Bader. Blame them not the airport board. All because of their back door antics. You're right, PERPETUITY is a word and hopefully you are smart enough to know what it means because if you think you are going to get out of the contract with the feds then you're not only smug, but a bit ignorant. You'll be long dead and the airport will still be functional. Even more ignorant are commissioners who are unwilling to maintain county owned buildings when they have an opportunity to bring two willing businesses, jobs and services to our area.


Re: "feds"

Just goes to show you how much the bureaucrats in DC care about lil' ol' HC huh?

Typical: Unfunded mandates.

The airport was sold to the gullible public as an economic development project. How's it working out?

Remember: HC has the 4th worst unemployment rate in the state. That fiscal emergency I hypothesized is not unlikely somewhere down the road.




I recently received a letter from our local Sunrise Agronomy office stating their support for the Huron County Airport as an important and integral piece of their Aerial Agricultural Operation. They pointed out just how important the airport was to the local farm community, and that moving to any other airport facility would be cost prohibitive and have a negative effect on local farmers. Farming is a hell of lot more important to our local economy than a few weekends of Bader Racing. I use aerial applications as a cost effective means of ensuring better crop yield. In this case, Billy is just not use to being told NO so get ready for a tantrum. Wonder who he will try to contact to get his way, maybe Joe Hintz, who really is a trip to listen to, but not very bright! Billy even looks like he is crying in the photo above!! I think the airport has a purpose and benefits the community, but then I have some education and common sense.


I see your point. Nobody has ever grown corn without an airplane. Just as important as water.


Modernization. The ideas of cost effective applications saving time and money and increasing profits is just smart business sense. Mr. farmland is looking to be more effective. Believe I read that Sunrise Aerial Ag Operation has included about 30,000 acres per year in Huron County. Narrow minded local attitudes is why there is 13% unemployment in the county and no economic development.


You obviously have no clue about modernization or the theories behind it. You know nothing about Monsanto or their chemicals or what they put into its chemicals. Also how can you support modernized agricultural expansion, which eliminates jobs and say its the narrow minded that cause high unemployment?


Re: "Aerial Agricultural Operation"

Touring around the country I see crop dusters parked on grass airstrips.

There are not less expensive ways to get the job done?


Sunrise, and the aerial applicators really don't need you to tell them what they need to operate or how to operate in an efficient manner for the benefit of our local farm community.


Re: "don't need you,"

True. And a Chevy can get you from A to Z the same as a Rolls Royce.

And a spendthrift doesn't bother looking for any potential cost savings for taxpayers.

Dr. Information

Idiots running this county. What do you expect.

Most Wanted

I don't see what Bill Bader using the airport 5 times this year and paying $2,000 for it each time has to do with farmers not being able to use it for crop dusting? Sounds to me like there is more than one use for the airport and he's paying for his share and someone dropped the ball?




Essex and Frankenfield admittedly screwed up the deal for Bader. They were both appointed to create as much controversy as possible.

Cliff Cannon

@ Most Wanted : " Sounds to me like there is more than one use for the airport and he's paying for his share and someone dropped the ball? "

Amen. Makes the next question 'who' dropped the ball, doesn't it ? Then an even more important question becomes " why " they dropped the ball. Obviously, if the ball was dropped on purpose. Someone needs to pay the price for that,don't they ?


hcfarmland you mention Sunrise with the airport. Ironic. That organization charges low propane usage fee & stopped grinding feed for small farmers. Bet you are big Ag, ie. subsidized. Just like the airport. Don't call it welfare.....that would be wrong.

J Cooper

Didn't Dunlap campaign on the airport issues, where is he?