Norwalk schools lose 167 years of experience with 6 retirements

Superintendent also announces retirement.
Cary Ashby
May 19, 2014


Norwalk City Schools is losing 167 years of experience with the retirement of six teachers.

The school board honored the following educators at its meeting Tuesday: Deborah Bowers (35 years with the district), Anne E. Day (23), Francine Murray (29), Anne Obermiller (14), Mike Roberts (31) and Pamela Saunders (35).

Superintendent Dennis Doughty, who also announced his retirement at that meeting, said they are "outstanding teachers" who were recognized. Board members congratulated each retiree and the teachers hugged Doughty and assistant Superintendent Sue Goodsite.

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Richard Cranium

Thank you for your years of service! Enjoy your retirement!


Best wishes. That is a tough job.

Gordon Gekko

Enjoy your retirement on the taxpayer backs.
If u worked in the corporate world u would not have 3 months off every summer.
2 weeks for Christmas and spring break
If u retire with 30 years it's like working 15 years in the corporate world.


Gordon, I smell some serious stupid in your comment.