Potential for economic development in the hands of commissioners

What is their plan for the Huron County Airport?
Scott Seitz2
May 27, 2014


The Huron County commissioners have a big decision to make in the upcoming days and weeks.

That decision basically boils down to this: What is their plan for the Huron County Airport?

At a recent airport authority meeting, Carol Knapp, Huron County Development Council executive director, updated the board on the potential for economic development at the large hangar/office complex. But, the first step in that development is $60,000 to $70,000 in renovations to make the facility ready for the potential client. A number of ideas were tossed around about how to pay for those renovations.


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Well ,the Airport Board runs it, just like congress runs The U.S.A, so I wouldn't expect too much. They let one of their biggest sources of income go out the door.


Well, Jackel, the airport board members are hand-picked by our commissioners. A couple of these rogue board members routinely act independently of the rest of the airport board.

The blame for the Summit debacle and any and all the other snafus that have occurred on their watch falls squarely on our county commissioners. They appointed these individuals to act on their behalf, and on the behalf of the citizens of Huron County, as stewards for County-owned and operated resources.

So much for any semblance of county "leadership."