Norwalk woman pleads guilty to selling pills

Suspect was one of four people arrested on drug-related secret indictments.
Cary Ashby
May 14, 2014


A Norwalk woman pleaded guilty Tuesday to selling prescription pills to a confidential informant.

Leeanna M. Sigley, 33, of 80 Benedict Ave., will be sentenced June 25 for one count of trafficking in hydrocodone. Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said the defendant sold 1.3 grams of the drug to an informant during a June 24 controlled drug buy.

On Feb. 24, Sigley was one of four suspects arrested on drug-related secret indictments in about 6 1/2 hours. A grand jury issues a secret indictment when authorities believe the person will flee the area.

As part of a plea deal Tuesday, prosecutors agreed to dismiss another count of trafficking in hydrocodone in connection with an April 22, 2013 incident. Woodruff said the state wouldn't oppose a community control sanction, which could include six to 12 months in jail.



Doctors stop writing scripts to anyone with an ache ,that's how they end up on the street .New regulations need to be put in place .


That's at least 130 pills, unless it was liquid...most articles don't measure hydrocodone in grams.


Dusty I dont wanna debate or anything but is it the Dr prescribing too many or is the "patient" trying to make $ off their Rx? I pretty much think the lady shouldn't have been selling the meds she had. Who's more to blame?


It starts with the Doctors. Go to any pharmacy and they can tell you who the pill pushers are!


Im sure the pharmacists are up on who's who...still you sell your meds thats a case.I dont care if im outta work & my kids need stuff, im not selling my meds to wind up in trouble. It all boils down to taking that cash for your Rx.


Yes I agree but kids get addicted on these pills often given for tooth extractions and wisdom teeth removal ,I think we could look at alternative medications .


No crap like a non narcotic I.E. tramadol, I never knew what an opiate was till I had an impacted tooth & an Rx for Vicodin @ 16-17, by then they might have already had some beers or tried pot. It definitely should be an initiative early on to not get youth a taste of Narcotics. I'm still convinced whoever sells their meds has to do the time, probation whatever. You cant earn a living keeping people at your door for YOUR meds.