Dennis Doughty set to retire

Norwalk City Schools superintendent calls his career "a good run."
Cary Ashby
May 15, 2014


Dennis Doughty is calling it a career.

The Norwalk City Schools superintendent will retire effective July 31 after five years on the job. He made the announcement to the Norwalk school board on Tuesday.

"Thirty-eight years is a long time," Doughty said about his time in the education field. "Thank you for the opportunity. It's been a good run."

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Classy man !!!! Best wishes.

Fibber Mcgee



This is no surprise. After helping to slap a new school tax on us, it's time to call it quits.


its time that Mr Duncan step into this job

believe it

The parents are going to complain about any and all superintendents, it doesn't matter who it is. They will never please every parent/community member.



He'll retire and they will hire him back as a consultant or something and double dip the system like the rest of them do. Guess I'm just jealous!!!

The Truant Officer

I totally agree about the double dipping, it's only a matter of when. They're probably factoring it into the new school budget as we speak.


Congratulations, Mr. Doughty! You were my superintendent years ago and I've enjoyed following your career since then. You have always been fair, kind, and compassionate. Thank you for your public service!


It's time to move Sue Goodsite into the position as INTERIM supt. I know that there are those that will complain that she would be double dipping.

I don't understand what all the complaining is about the double dipping. She is only collecting what she put into the retirement system. Does this mean that all the workers out there who are collecting on their 403B plan or IRA's must quit working?

Sue has the qualifications needed to get the district back on course with the budget. She has a Ph.D. degree which none of our former supt. have had and knows the ins and outs of the district.

By hiring Sue at her PRESENT salary, this would save the district around $10,000 - $15,000. For those out there who were complaining about the cost of high administrators, this would be the board's way of cutting that cost.

It has been since last Nov. that the board has been searching for a treasurer. I doubt if they could find a decent supt. to be hired and in place by August 1.

By hiring Sue on an interim basis, this would provide the time needed to do a thorough search.


I don't honestly think that Sue would be hired in at her PRESENT salary. Of course, there would have to be an increase.


Earlduck...It's time to move Mr. Duncan into this position...

I suggest you talk to the faculty at the high school who served under Mr. Duncan. From the faculty I've talked to, he definitely would not have their support.

I agree, Mr. Duncan should be moved into a new position, that of Athletic Director. This would also save the district additional money.

As I've stated in my previous statements, if the board is going to promote from within, Sue Goodsite is definitely the only one qualified with a Ph.D. degree in this system. Mr. Duncan's qualifications CANNOT compare to Sue's. Now if only the 3 omego's on this board will realize that.

Kobayashi Maru

Three omego's on the board? I believe there are five board members. Which two are you leaving out?


My understanding is that there are no real Ph.D's currently in the Norwalk system. Ms. Goodsite might have one of those education doctorates but they are not the same as a true Ph.D.


I can't think of one teacher who would support Duncan for super.


well keystone I doubt that the three amigos will look at this comment section for a candidate,but if a candidate would be unloved at the high school that shouldn't be a disqualification,and said candidate does have a lot of experience,that degree that you're talking about is just a bunch of blow

Kobayashi Maru

And why would Duncan take it? I've heard he is close to retiring.


Earlduck...Do you have any idea what qualifications it takes to be a supt. Evidently you don't.

You state that the degree is a bunch of bull. I would rather have a Ph.D. leading this system rather than some other person. If a degree means nothing, then that means that anyone could become a teacher or any other profession.

Has Mr. Duncan had experience in curriculum, writing grants, etc.? What does he do now? Sue Goodsite's experience far exceeds Mr. Duncan's.

Evidently you want someone with no experience that is needed to run our schools.

Now that the levy has passed, don't have the system go down with an inexperienced supt.


again the candidate is not going to be chosen here,but I'm ready to vote for you for the school board keystone,thats if you will quit talking mean about me

Kobayashi Maru

Based on some of Keystone's comments you may have already voted for them on the school board. Or one of their relatives.


Doughty did a spectacular job in Norwalk and Willard. Very sad to see him go but wish him all the best.


Doughty sucks glad to see him go!!!!

believe it

If it was someone else retiring you'd be saying he sucks too. It's a no win situation for most superintendents.


Earlduck- Mr Duncan would have to be held accountable if he were Superintendent..therefore I doubt he would want the position. I agree that he would be better suited for the AD position. You would be hard pressed to find faculty that would support him being hired as Superintendent.


Nope...just him....I was an employee and seen things first hand!


I'm happy to see him go as well. I've attended school board meetings over the years and was appalled at how he treated anyone in attendance who had a question or comment. I was truly embarrassed for intelligent parents who had a question and how he spoke to them. He treated them as if they were merely an inconvenience and should shut up and sit down. I believe that HE was the reason the Levy had such a hard time being passed.


thirtysomething when did we start letting teachers select supts.I thought school board did


This is needed.....hire some one 45 or under.


I hope the school board seizes this opportunity to do a thorough search and bring in an outstanding, dynamic leader with a track record of accomplishments. We need someone who can create a culture of academic excellence and innovation. The rest of Ohio seems to be on the recovery highway while we're stuck on the berm. Quality education will help us get moving again.