Council members question proposed water, sewer discounts to big business

Norwalk officials share concerns.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 7, 2014


Norwalk city council members had a number of questions regarding the proposed discount on water and sewer rates to big business at a recent work session.

The current proposal is businesses that use more than 750,000 gallons per month would receive a 50-percent discount once they reach that 750,000 plateau.

"We need to do things that set us apart from other communities," Mayor Rob Duncan said.

"I don't think anyone up here is against economic development attempts," Councilman Chris Mushett said. "I don't want us to crush under the weight of our own abatements."


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I'm all for tax abatements, but when it comes to water and sewer rates I believe we should all pay our fair share. Cutting these costs for industry is almost like giving them a license to be inefficient with water usage. Their savings on rates will be directly passed onto everyone else with rate increases. The money has to come from somewhere, and I don't think it's very cool for us to pay extra so car wash owners can be more profitable. (Of course I have no idea how much water a car wash even uses.) Giving discounts on water rates is being a bit too generous.


Mr. Mayor,
Haven't we been trying all along to do things that separate us from other communities, or is this effort something new?


WHAT BIG BUSINESS?????????????????


It's a funny thing, the left screams about "subsidies for the rich."

But if those subsidies have the term "economic development," i.e. 'jobs' magically attached, they tend to be enthusiastically embraced.

Remember: One person's subsidy, is another person's tax.


The govt. can't give anyone any dollar that it doesn't take from somewhere else.


Water rates in Norwalk are about to increase...