Officials tour airport business complex

Goal was to determine value of building.
Scott Seitz2
Jun 7, 2014


A team of auditors and appraisers recently toured the business complex at the Huron County Airport.

The goal of the tour was to possibly determine a new value for the building.

The structure currently is valued at about $400,000.

The airport board hired an independent appraiser, who valued the facility at about $90,000.

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"The goal of the tour was to possibly determine a new value for the building."

The goal of the tour was to reduce the land tax value and make all the people who think this is worth a lot mad.

I personally think that they should have a one day, no holds bar fight between the supporters of the airport and the ones that want it gone. They can bring their planes and use them in the fight. Let them fight at the raceway so that tickets can be sold. I want to see how badly all these guys really want to prove they are right.