Wakeman boy charged with rape

Victim is a Norwalk girl who was younger than 5.
Cary Ashby
May 13, 2014


A juvenile rape defendant must be under 24-hour adult supervision while on electronically-monitored house arrest.

A 14-year-old Wakeman boy is charged with two counts of rape, which would be the equivalent of first-degree felonies if committed by an adult. Chris Mushett, Huron County Juvenile Court administrator, said the allegation is the defendant sexually abused a girl who was younger than 5 on April 20 and 21 in Norwalk. It's unknown how the boy knows the victim.

The Norwalk Police Department handled the investigation.

"He had been taken to Seneca County," Mushett said, referring to boy going to the detention center April 22.

During a second detention hearing held April 29, Judge Timothy Cardwell released the boy into the custody of his father and prohibited the suspect from having any association with the victim or anyone under the age of 12.

The boy's next hearing is scheduled for June 2.

If found adjudicated and found guilty of rape, the defendant could spend from one year to a maximum not to exceed his 21st birthday in the Department of Youth Services. DYS is the state prison for juveniles.

"The kid has no prior involvement with the court," Mushett said.




Cut his b*lls off and put him in juvee..Teach him a lesson now and show him there are consequences for your action. But as a society we won't. We'll coddle him and woo him. When I was young, if I did anything so stupid I would have asked the cops to keep me. My Dad would have done worse to me than any juvee hall ever could...how time changed for the worse..


I don't care that he's has no prior involvement with the court! This is totally sick and disgusting! What a perv, throw away the key!

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Children don't just pull that behavior out of thin air, somewhere down the line that boy was assaulted too.


There is no excuse for this though. He needs punished big time.