Pair of burglary suspects nabbed

Victimized couple previously had let the suspects stay at their apartment because the teen recently had given birth to a child.
Cary Ashby
May 15, 2014


Two accused burglars are prohibited from being on the victims' North Pleasant Street property if they post a $10,000 bond.

Erikah M. Greszler, 19, and Adam J. Goodsite, 20, both of 1260 E. Ohio 61, are charged with burglary, which is punishable by nine months to three years in prison. The Norwalk Police Department investigated the April 20 incident.

Officer Amanda Blodgett served Greszler with her warrant at the Huron County Jail at 10:40 a.m. Sunday.

At 6:02 p.m., Goodsite turned himself in at the Huron County Sheriff's Office. Officer Jonathan Crabill served the suspect with his burglary warrant and had him jailed.

Chief Dave Light said the victimized couple had let the suspects stay at their apartment because Greszler recently had given birth to a child.

"They moved out a couple weeks ago," Light said, because the couple wasn't allowed to have more than four people staying in their apartment.

On April 20, the couple came home and discovered someone broke into their apartment.

"It looked like they ransacked everything. They described it as trashed," Light said.

The couple reported a green bouncer, the woman's ring with a dark green birth stone, all the food from the freezer and all the canned food in the cabinets were missing.

"They just spent $300 on food and it was gone," Light said. "It looks like they (Goodsite and Greszler) came through the window possibly. He had closed it before they left."

Officers interviewed the victims' neighbors. Light said two different people said they saw the suspects carrying boxes to their car.

"They found the bouncer and everything," the chief said. "It was pretty simple to solve."



Of course they seen boxes she was in the process of moving and how can someone be charged with burglary when they resided their...??? That food was theirs not this Breanna womens


It's saw boxes, not seen! They may have resided there but not their! Clearly you are friends with the burglars because no one named Breanna was mentioned in the article ... Oh and it would be woman's not women's. If they were moving and taking their stuff, why did they feel the need to break in? Why didn't they wait till the people on the lease were home to pick up their belongings? Who climbs in through a window to take their things if they aren't being shady!?! Go back to school and find a new group of friends! Shouldn't they have had their own place before a child was brought into this world? I'm not saying the stuff wasn't theirs, but there is a proper way to do things and climbing through a window while the homeowner is not home! If getting their stuff was an issue, then have a cop escort you to get your things and move on with your life!


And the couple moved out because they were fighting with erikah and Adam... Jeeze if these people that reported the supposed robbery they need to at least have a some what straight story and tell the truth... It sounds like the wrong people are getting in trouble I think this entire thing sounds like the women got mad at them for something and decided to make a false report and if the police got the items that were supposedly stolen why didn't they arrest the "suspects" right then and their.... Nothing to this story adds up.


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