Teachers create funny OAA prep video

Watch how the Pleasant Elementary staff inspired Norwalk students.
May 8, 2014


Pleasant Elementary students are taking the Ohio Achievement Assessment (OAA) tests today. They also took them Tuesday.

Enjoy this OAA prep video by clicking play in the video player below.





so now we know,we must be silly to get the kids to take their lessons seriously, we will dance and sing and be silly just like the Muppet show while kids in other countries just want to learn readin,ritin,rithmatic.thats just too boring


Silly? There is nothing silly about this. It is a fine example of our Norwalk City Schools staff going above and beyond for our kids. Their creative efforts helped to put our kids at ease and relieve some of the stress that many of the kids experience over OAA testing! I am a proud parent of a Pleasant Elementary 3rd grader and I say "thank you teachers for another job well done!" My daughter loved being a part of this video!

Your neighbor

Are you kidding! My 3rd grader was so nervous. This video was for the kids so they wouldn't be so stressed about the test. I talked to many kids and Mrs Smith and everyone enjoyed it and so did I!!!


There is always a problem with something on the paper these days. What is so wrong with teachers making a video to settle the kids nerves during the OAA's? It's just pathetic that some people can be so disrespectful.

JMOP's picture

They put in extra effort to do this. I know the teachers stress over the testing too. Nice job staff!


This whole video would not have been possible without the High School Teacher Mrs.MacFarland, she put together a team to go to Pleasant and film the whole thing, then spent many hours putting the whole thing together. The Pleasant street staff did great, the kids loved it. Great job! Really got the children excited about a test.

Sandusky Rez

earlduck, what's wrong with the kids and teachers having fun? The kids are expected to be like robots in school today due to state mandates. It's great to see they can still throw in a little fun too! This gives everyone a chance to relax during a really stressful time and lets the kids see the teachers and staff in a different light! Way to go staff! Love it!!!


I have one opinion and you have a different one,maybe you should teach the kids its ok not to think like everybody else.I know thats really weird


Better yet, they could teach kids to present their differing opinions in a manner that is not brash, and more demeaning than critical. I know that's really weird.


I recently watched the Butler with my child and through out the whole movie which goes through all the different parts of an African American from being a slave to black Panther Martin Luther king Etc....I will answer any questions if I can... but when it was over I looked at her and said what did you learn during Black history month or in school in general...this said child is a college student on deans list and His response was " how to take the OAA test...that's all they care about Mom...I had to watch the movie over again to simply watch the movie over as I missed parts of it.....I LEARNED WAY MORE THAN A COLLEGE STUDENT BACK IN MY TIME!!!! Sorry ladies this did not thrill me as my son would say this is totally not an Ellen DeGeneres moment...I had to smile and say Yep!!!


http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=f5H... Lol this was way to funny and have no doubt most of the kids feel this way....FOR SURE


This is a great way to make testing fun! Love this!