Any takers?

Obrenovich says his Uptown Norwalk restaurant is ready for somebody to run
Joe Centers
May 9, 2014


Stan Obrenovich said he is ready to get back into the restaurant business.

Obrenovich owns the Norwalk building that houses the former Uptown Café, which closed earlier this year.

"After a month-and-a-half of cleaning and repairs the restaurant is 100 percent ready to go," Obrenovich said.

Obrenovich said uptown Norwalk needs another restaurant.

"I've got prospects," he said. "I own all of the equipment. It all belongs to me. The only thing I would recommend is putting in a grill and a dishwasher.

"I hope they can keep everything that is hanging in the restaurant."

Decorating the restaurant are a couple of Norwalk signs, along with a corner highlighting Obrenovich, his projects and his awards.

Obrenovich said he was disappointed Uptown Café couldn't make it.

"He (owner Miguel Lugo) was here five years the first of February," he said. "I still believe he had the best pizza in town and you can quote me on that.

"All I know is the government shut him down. He didn't pay his taxes. I know the restaurant was making money."



J Cooper

If he didn't pay hs taxes, the government didn't shut him down his own stupidity did, if he was making money why didn't he pay his taxes.
The failure rate for new restaurants is high, especially if one or more restaurants has already failed in that location, seems like Mr. Onrenovich is just looking for a sucker to pay him rent. If this location is so profitable why doesn't Mr. Obrenovich hire someone to manage a restaurant for him?


Good luck on that Stan. A restaurant there will be an uphill battle imo.

Kobayashi Maru

I wouldn't eat in there because of the "Stan Shrine." That man is so self centered it drives me crazy!


Then you don't know Stan " I was always told never judge a book by its cover" Stan has keep this building clean you remember all the flags he raised donations for that go up on holidays...our old flags were tattered and torn...did you donate???? Or did you take it upon your self to collect those donations??? WELL STAN DID!!!!! And I applaud him for doing this and carding about the town he lives is....keep up the great work Stan and Thank you

Kobayashi Maru

That's great that he's done so much, but putting up a "shrine" to himself is a bit much.


The restaurant would have never failed if the owner had done what he was supposed to do from the beginning. He allowed his want for women and drugs to supersede his want for a successful business and in turn not only lost HIS business but also put about a dozen other people, who stuck by him (Seemingly foolishly in hindsight) out of work. If the business had been ran by the employees it would still be there and the embarrassing conditions they had to go through the last few months never would have happened. Stan knew that the employees were willing to run the restaurant for him, or under another owner, but he instead decided to renovate then try and find someone different. His choice, but it doesn't seem to be the most financially responsible one.


Re: "I still believe he had the best pizza in town,"


The subs were tasty as well.

Best wishes for much success Mr. Obrenovich.


I wonder if he was paying his taxes when he was fighting to have that tree cut down in front of the Cafe'? The tree gave it's life for that loser! lol!