'Step in the right direction'

Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light and Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard meet to end feud, develop plan for future.
Scott Seitz
May 8, 2014


At the end of the day, the Norwalk Police Department and Huron County Sheriff's Office have the same goal.

Lately, tension has developed between the two agencies on how to achieve that goal.

"We do share a common goal," Norwalk Police Chief Dave Light said.

Light and Huron County Sheriff Dane Howard met for 90 minutes Wednesday morning to begin to put the past in the past and develop a plan for the future.

"Both agencies have the same purpose, same mindset and same duty to serve the people well," Howard said.

"We both recognize the heroin epidemic is a top priority," Light added. "We just have a difference of opinion on how cases should be investigated in the city of Norwalk."

Howard and Light have worked law enforcement, many times together, for years.

"We worked drug cases side by side back in the day as young crime fighters," Light said.

"I've known Chief Light just shy of 30 years," Howard said. "I think we have the same desire to serve the public and we do that best by working together."

"The main difference is the sheriff feels he was elected to serve all 500 square miles of Huron County," Light said. "And he does have jurisdiction in all areas of Huron County. I'm not arguing that point."

Light said with the HCSO focusing on the city of Norwalk, it might provide a duplication of services, which doesn't serve the taxpayers.

"We are capable of handling the nine square miles of Norwalk," Light said.

Light said the two agencies should freely trade information so each can effectively handle cases.

"That's for the common good," Light said. "We know drug dealers have no boundaries.

"We're trying to work through all of this," Light said. "Today's meeting was a step in the right direction. It will take some time to get all the details worked out."

"We had a healthy discussion during this meeting," the sheriff added. "It was definitely a step in the right direction."

The sheriff knows Light's feelings on investigations within the city.

"I definitely appreciate his point of view and respect where he's coming from," Howard said. "We'll have another meeting, sit down and hash all of this out and see what the future holds."



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That still doesn't address the 4th Amendment rights of Mr. Collins being shoved aside.

I could care less if the chief and the sheriff had consensual sex. Violation of rights is just that. Plain and simple.


That made me lol.


Exactly luvblues2, how they do or don't get along is not the point.


So, if every single city had the same point of view as Chief Light...then I guess we do not need the Sherriff's office - because each local police department can handle every square mile of their town. If that response is good enough to win the debate, then they might as well just shut down the Sherriff's office and refund the tax payers.


I would be all for a state police force. It would remove the political aspect of the sheriff position.


It's coming. They are called The Gestapo!


There's a lot of criminals that don't live inside city limits. So even if all cities were to monitor their own area, we would still need the sheriff dept to handle the crimes that happens out of city limits. Your comment makes no sense.


Yea because all of Ohio is in city limits. Dumb comment, you lose.


They can have the police department manage every square mile of the city (inside and outside) of city limits does not matter. Wasn't Rustic Hills outside of City Limits???
@Wildbunch3 - your comment does not make sense, because you are clearly not taking into consideration that part of the issue here was that that the NPD was 400 feet outside of city limits when they were at Rustic Hills....do your homework before you comment.

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They were out of their jurisdiction. They only went there to follow the car that was in city limits.

Wonder how they knew the car would only travel a few hundred yards, and how far would they have traveled if the car went further?


Nwalk99, maybe you should your homework. An Ohio police officer from any city, town or village, has jurisdiction anywhere in Ohio when a felony is involved. Look it up for yourself...


@Notsocriticalone, you are off point. Please do not just read a story - please comprehend it as well. The POINT being made originally was that if the NPD wanted the sheriff's office to stay outside of Norwalk and allow them to manage ever square mile. My point was let them do it then in every city and eliminate the Sherriff's office and lower taxes since we will not need to pay for them anymore. Reading and comprehending what is read are two different skills. Don't jump in the middle of a conversation you have not fully digested.


The thing you seem to be forgetting is the UNINCORPORATED areas of the county. Are you saying local police departments should expand their city limits so there are no longer unincorporated areas? This would require local police departments to hire more officers. The other option, which I like a lot better would be to change the Ohio State Highway Patrol to the Ohio State Police. I think this would eliminate some of the corruption that goes along with the sheriff position in every county.

There would also need to be an agency to handle the jail.


Jurisdiction only applys to arrest powers. They can follow a car as far as they need to. As for Light and Howard I'm guessing they agreed to dis agree

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Are you sure about that?


I'm sure..


Dane thank you for showing people what you are. Many already knew prior to this current episode. Mike W. knows that you can't buy a good name.

J Cooper

The problem isn't where the sheriff's department operate, it's their conduct and what appears a lack of a proper command system, supervision and overall training along with coordinating with other departments.

Kottage Kat

J Cooper,
Thank you, was waiting for a voice of reason.


When the cops break the law, things go downhill fairly quickly as was demonstrated by the SO.