Willard, county lauded for Pepperidge Farm expansion

Finalists named in eighth annual awards program.
Aaron Krause
Jun 7, 2014
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For its efforts in Pepperidge Farm's expansion, the city has been selected a finalist in the "Business Retention" category in the eighth annual Team NEO Economic Development Plus Awards.

The city will be recognized with the Development Finance Authority of Summit County, the Huron County Commissioners and the Huron County Economic Development Council.

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And everyone loves working 7 days a week. Come on, hire more people to give the people who have worked a break, it is not like you do not have the money to do so.


When the sun is shining make hay! These days a person is better off to have too much work than not enough. Don't be bitching that much about working a lot of hours, because I guarantee there are plenty of people who would love to have your job. Most people can be replaced in the blink of an eye.


Careful what you wish for - you just may get it.


Well Cranky Balls lets see you work 6/7 days a week for months on end with the only day off you have is to call off and be penalized for it. That job was physical and mentally exhausting. You can only tell yourself that for so long.


For several years I was there, did it, and loved it. What I liked most was payday and heading to the bank. Only a fool would complain about making money. No one is forcing you to work there. Just quit, because there are plenty of other people knocking on the door who won't whine. There's a reason it's called "WORK".


Well...you can always look for another job!! I'm sure someone else out there would love to have yours.


temp agencies do most of the hiring at pepperidge and have for yrs. raise ur hands if u like getting paid half of what the person beside you makes for the same work


If a temp worker isn't happy, they can always request to be placed somewhere else by the agency. They can also try switching agencies.


The temp agencies "do not" hire people for pepperidge farm!! They do all of their own hiring and yes they do hire summer temps to help with vacations and most of them are college kids. Pepperidge farm doesn't hire full time much because they already have all the full time positions filled, they do hire full time as the jobs become available for whatever reason. You have to earn your way into pepperidge, if you can't handle the part time you'll never handle the full time.


That is not the point Puppylove1, they are saying that where ever they go they will be making less than who they are working by. Also I know a lot of the places hire summer help for 6 months, then lay then off and say they don't need them (So they don't have to give them insurance) then the company turns right around and hires another group from the temp agency only a week later, but remember they didn't need the ones that had just worked 6 months, didn't want to pay benefits. Now some will say well a company has to look out for itself and save money but how are these young kids suppose to get a good start and make a living? And all the big company's in Willard are doing this.


I'm just saying other options are available. Probably the best option for young people to start out in life is to get an education and then move away from this area. It's rough out there.


of course, other options are out there. 'get a degree and move away' has been the mantra for north central ohio for at least 35 yrs now. it's an ez way out and doesnt address the problem


Yeah, that is true, but getting a college degree isn't always a guarantee either.