Norwalk City Schools levy approved

Voters say yes to 5 for 5.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
May 6, 2014


Voters in the Norwalk City Schools district said yes to the five-for-five levy proposal.

The district's additional five-year, 4.95 mills tax levy passed 1,758 to 1,129 in Tuesday's primary election.

Superintendent Dennis Doughty has said it’s been 23 years since voters passed the last operating levy.

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This is a great thing for the young folks in our community. Good job Norwalk voters!


Reading the Reflector Blogs always reminds me of the massive amount of dumb in the area. I'm glad someone decided to invest in education.


If they're so dumb, then why do you waste your time reading them?


Now that the levy has passed will Doughty and the gang keep spending in check, or will they be begging for even more money in 5 years. Only time will tell. Let's hope they act responsibly with the money.


I suggest that we keep track of how the money is spent so that when they come back for more money evidence can be provided to the voters.

Will any of the money be spent on the kids? Time will tell here.


I doubt it. It will be business as usual. Norwalk voters have made it easy for them to be on cruise control for five more years
Until they are truly forced to deal with their budget situation, they will be back in five years. It will either be "this is not a new tax, only a renewal" tact, or if they do not get salaries and benefit packages under control, they will be asking for the 5 mills and then some "for the children".
I know there will be replies to my salary and benefits comment, but teachers are paid more than generously for what most of them put into it. There are few that teach because they do care and enjoy what they do, but many do not. I doubt that if asked, they would make concessions to their lifestyle for the good of the schools system, but we are expected to pay more, while they continue to enjoy theirs.


Summers off...should have been a teacher..


You couldn't handle the truth

former local

Seriously? That's the first thing that comes to mind about teachers, summers off? Many of them spend their summers going back to school to further their education even more. At their own expense!!!! They deal with so much more these days because parents expect the schools to raise their kids for them! Do you have any idea how many kids come to school unprepared?
Teachers teach all day, then spend evenings and weekends grading papers. I used to be married to a teacher so I know first hand!


Well the community obviously wanted it as traditionally putting a levy out there in a primary election in a midterm year, is not popular for tax issues. Kudos to 5 for 5 campaign for turning around an electorate with a concise PR blitz on the facts. They got out the vote vs the "doom and gloom" lobby.

In all the blogs against the levy, I still did not find ONE that refuted the facts the Norwalk city Schools presented (their narrative on cost saving measures; comparatives; projections and scenarios). NONE took on the businesses and business advocates (traditionally anti tax) that supported this levy. After all your number one complaint was it was bad for business. Well the business said you are wrong (cannot use the "tax & spend label on them). Instead, all we got was the generic "no new taxes; tax & spend government; school board wasting money. Where if someone actually took the time to read why they had to go for a new levy after 23 years. Even in the business world, i would challenge anyone to find a business with the same fixed funding factor after 23 years and the multipliers for that factor smaller yet they are serving a larger clientele. You would have to be frugal or else Norwalk would have been in the long list of school districts under mandatory state fiscal restrictions or they would be turning out a substandard product. Neither is true.
If you fear they are blowing OUR money, take the time and actually go to a board meeting. I did as I was very skeptical on what they were doing to save money. I USE to generalize like the "no new tax" folks on painting the school system as self serving (concerned about admin and teacher's unions vs kids). It did not take long to prove i was wrong. It is quite impressive how they break down their monthly budgets and scrutinize YTD comparatives when something is over budget. They do not shy away from public comment or scrutiny as past boards did. They have for some time been very aware of the public scrutiny of the budget. School Boards are "political animals". Shame on us if we do not keep them in line in real time instead of complaining years down the line "how did we get here?".

This shows the character of Norwalk that is stressed fiscally in many areas these days, putting their priorities in check by investing in the future of this community.


Well you don't like to gloat or anything. Get over yourself already, and save it for 5 years from now.


Probably the same reason why I sometimes watch Fox News. Solely for its entertainment value.


Gloating? Quit whining like a child, then.

Now The Rest of...

At least get your facts straight as you gloat, the best time to pass any levy is an off year primary election, like this one, they wore down the people after numerous attempts and passed a levy with less than 3000 people voting, clearly not a mandate. Can't wait for the spending to begin, which it will. Lets see how many new business locate to Norwalk with this higher property tax they will be forced to pay. Let see if the teachers look for a raise, in addition to their automatic yearly step increases. Let the good times roll, or as they passed it "its for the children."


How do you explain the Perkins Levy with your logic?


Good for Norwalk. The overly moralistic "for the children" argument persuaded the majority of voters.

Now according to the proponents, watch breathlessly as a plethora of employers rush headlong into the community to development new or relocate existing businesses providing top-notch wages and benefits.

Or, will the Diaspora continue as the best and the brightest graduate, leave for elsewhere in search of better employment and career opportunities and local property owners are forced to provide even more revenue for the public school system with the intent of paying to educate them in preparation for their eventual exit?

Other states and communities graciously thank the majority of voters in Norwalk for voting to increase the revenue to help to educate their new and future taxpayers.


Contango - I've been around long enough to remember the levy from 23 years ago and one of the reasons I have had such difficulty supporting this one is as near as I can tell not one dime of the prior levy went to the kids - staff and teacher raises consumed it nearly totally if not entirely. In dealing with educational regimes we would do well to remember what the native american indians said about some of the pioneers - "they speak with forked tongues".


@ Sarrak:


Other than maintaining the status quo, what did the revenue increase change?

According to the U.S. Census Bureau (2010) 14.6% of Norwalk residents are 65 and over.

The community is growing older and poorer.

How many on fixed income, e.g. retired, disabled, unemployed, that are living on a tight budget will now need to find additional revenue or do without some necessity?

I Can Read

Exactly, we need to educate the kids so they will be smart enough to figure out what to do will all the old farts! It's not good to leave them so much idle time, they need to be kept busy so they won't have time to complain about everything.


Re: "figure out what to do will all the old farts!"

Approx. 10K Americans turn age 65 EVERY DAY.

The "old farts" will eventually be stored in nursing homes, the majority of which will be paid for by Medicaid with the kid's tax dollars because the majority of the "old farts" have no money.

BTW: Nursing home care is currently running at about $70-$80K per yr.


All the money went to raises? So that new school on Shady Lane Drive just magically appeared? And for free?


No that was a separate bond issue levy and had nothing to do with the operating levy.


Sorry...Didn't realize the last levy was meant for cutting checks and passing them out to the kids. Teachers should be working for free.

Dr. Information

You cannot pass a forever tax levy for the schools. When this money runs out they will be back in 5 years to ask the voters to renew it. This is true for every single school district. Now, that isn't a bad thing but remember, just because there is a levy now does not mean there will not be another one down the road because there will.


5 years? Or every 23 years?

Dr. Information

Every 5 I believe is the voting minimum on levy's.

Dr. Information

Contango. So your solution is to just let schools dry up where there is one teacher, one principle for all these kids. Your analogy that passing this levy won't help the kids is not accurate at all. Keeping what Norwalk has teacher wise is important. They made cuts, millions of dollars of cuts but larger classrooms are not the answers and actually hurt children's chance to learn.


Re: "So your solution is to just let schools dry up"

A misrepresentation.

Why with govt. is it always a revenue problem and not a spending problem?

Oh, it'll help the kids!

The best and the brightest will continue to move away.

With the loss of future taxpayers, the current socio-economic dynamic is unsustainable.

Better check some stats: Rural areas are losing population and urban areas are growing.

Also, the most recent unemployment rate puts Huron Co. at 4th worst in OH.

What is the catalyst for economic and job growth? The Norwalk city admin. seems to think that it is tax give-aways.

Norwalk city schools taketh, and Norwalk city admin. giveth away.


If the state of Huron County's unemployment rate is such a great concern, why would it make sense to take money away from the school? I'm sure I'm not the first one to say it, but education is an investment, not Wal-Mart. It takes time to see the results. The catalyst for job growth is an education, meaning not just the core classes but the liberal arts as well to promote creativity. Crying that the government is taking the money is throwing it away is respectable as an opinion, but seriously we (the students at Norwalk, I being a senior) should not have to be at the center of the argument. Allow us to have the education that we deserve and to grow up and mature into the adults that will improve the statistics of the state that you referred to.


The students have never been the center of the argument, and if you were someone who actually pays taxes you might understand things more. Since when have the liberal arts been a catalyst for growth ( that's hilarious )? After you graduate and go to college you'll no doubt move away somewhere to start a career like most other graduates do. Perhaps one day you'll drop by for a visit so you can see all the businesses we lured in by passing the levy.