Norwalk police investigating threat at NHS

School district: "Rumor running rampant on Facebook."
Cary Ashby
May 7, 2014


The Norwalk Police Department is continuing its investigation of an undisclosed student-related incident.

"It was (Monday) afternoon when we were made aware of it," Sgt. Tom Cook said Tuesday.

"Capt. Eric Hipp is the one investigating it," added Cook, who declined to provide any details. "It's still under investigation. Not everybody has been interviewed. There are still some more interviews to be done."

When asked about the general type of complaint, Cook said it was a student-related incident "that already had been handled."

The Norwalk Truckers Facebook page posted a message regarding the suspected incident about 9 a.m. Tuesday.

"Any time there is the rumor of a threat to the safety of our children in our schools, don't hesitate to call our schools. There is currently a rumor running rampant on Facebook regarding a possible threat. The alleged threat was investigated by the Norwalk Police Department and addressed. We appreciate any communication from our community regarding the safety of our students. Thank you," the Facebook message states.

Norwalk City Schools Superintendent Dennis Doughty said police were called Monday about a possible threat.

"Fortunately, it was nothing," he added.

Once police investigated the complaint, Doughty said officers determined there was no actual threat.

"It had a whole life of its own on Facebook. Police were called to the high school so people could feel safe," the superintendent said.

Unfortunately, Doughty said people saw police at Norwalk High School and wondered if something was wrong.

The superintendent is encouraging residents to call the school about any problems instead of posting rumors online.

"My message is call so we can deal with the issue. Facebook isn't the best way to do it," Doughty said.



If they don't want it dealt with on Facebook then why did school district post info on Facebook instead of notifying parents with a phone call? The school called us Monday night to remind us to vote yes on school levy but failed to tell us there was a possible threat to our children's safety!

oh my oh my

Exactly. They could have used the automated phone system to inform parents without trumping up details that would've created a panic. Parents should not have to find out right after school starts in the morning that there was a threat. The officers weren't there for show and tell. It would be real easy to think it was kept quiet so the vote could take place, but I won't venture down that road. Using the automated phone system would have stopped a lot of the rumors. Kids in school should not have to be wondering about bomb threats or a suspended student turning the school into a shooting gallery. Did anyone stop to think that simply seeing all the officers could induce panic in itself?


I thought the police were at school for the coffee and doughnuts that I brought to first period. But in all reality, there was no panic at school. We were explained to by teachers that only one person was threatened and everyone added their own twist to the tale. We were informed and if the students did not pass on the information to the parents then that's their own fault. The teachers were notified, who then passed the information onto us. Any panic that was induced were solely by the parents and it would have been much more widespread if the one-call system was implemented to spread the information.

And my doughnut party went on as planned....with no panic or threat being taken seriously since it was non-existent.


^This high school student has more common sense than 98% of the arguing adults I read in the comments section. How refreshing :) This alleged gun threat incident was all over my Facebook newsfeed last night, those who tried to blow it out of proportion without finding out facts should be ashamed for perpetuating panic.

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Not everyone lives on Facebook or in the Twittersphere.


Yes, we live in the world of social media, deal with it. I do not like it as well but the fact stands that the "incident" was blown entirely out of proportion. One person got their hands on it, and said that they were threatened while they told someone else, who then added on that they too were threatened. It's like that game in elementary school that we use to play when you whisper one thing to someone and then they passed it on and by the time it got back to you whatever was whispered was completely different than the original message. In reality, yes one person really was threatened but that should have been handled in the principal's office, without police (maybe they would have to call the police, I'm not sure actually), and certainly without the panic of parents or students.




Well said perfectly flawed. Loon parents love to complain about how a complex school district is run during this over-sensitive era, even though most of them couldn't organize a Girl Scout bake sale.

The best thing for parents to do when stuff like this breaks out is chill out and let the school handle things. The last thing anyone needs is for spaz attack moms and dads to come crashing thru the school lobby in their Honda Odysseys screaming 'where is my little Johnny'. Let the school do what they get paid to do, take care of your kids and babysit them. Leave them alone, have some Teavana.