Suspected burglar released from jail

Local woman and man accused of burglary at Willard residence.
Cary Ashby
May 7, 2014


An accused burglar was released Monday from jail on a personal recognizance bond.

Rebecca A. Hale, 24, of 112 Dale St., Willard, signed a court document in which she promised to appear for future court hearings after she entered a "not guilty" plea during her arraignment. Her Huron County Common Pleas Court trial date is June 17.

Hale and her suspected co-defendant, Joseph J. Blackburn, 28, of 3076 Hanville Corners Road, Monroeville, are charged with burglary in connection with a Sept. 7 incident. If convicted, they each face nine months to three years in prison.

Hale's defense attorney, Reese Wineman, requested his client be released on a PR bond since Blackburn also had been released from custody on a similar bond. Wineman also cited Hale requiring "ongoing care" for a liver problem.

"Rebecca has lived the vast majority of her life in Huron County," Hale's attorney also told the judge.

Huron County Assistant Prosecutor Richard Woodruff said Hale originally had been issued a summons, but officers weren't able to find her at the time. However, Woodruff said the state didn't have any objection to the PR bond.

Hale is prohibited from being on the premises of the Willard victim's premises.



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