Norwalk mayor not above the law

Duncan cited with handicap parking violation after previous warning, faces mandatory court appearance.
Cary Ashby
May 6, 2014


Norwalk Mayor Rob Duncan must appear in court for a handicapped parking violation he received -- an offense police apparently warned him about one month earlier.

Duncan, 50, of 19 S. Garden St., is charged with parking in a handicapped space in connection with an incident about 9:45 p.m. April 29.

The mayor, who declined to comment, originally had a mandatory court appearance at 10 a.m. Monday in Norwalk Municipal Court. However, Duncan filed a time waiver Wednesday to push the hearing date back, according to court records.

As Norwalk Police Capt. Eric Hipp arrived for his shift, he said he noticed a red 2003 Ford Explorer parked in the "easternmost handicap space in front of the police station." Hipp also noted the truck didn't display a handicap placard or license plates and the space "was clearly marked with a pavement marking and a sign."

After Duncan entered the vehicle and started it, Hipp knocked on the driver's window and asked the mayor for his license and proof of insurance. The officer said he notified Duncan, who didn't have "FR (Financial Responsibility) proof with him," of the parking violation.

"Mr. Duncan acknowledged the violation and indicated the reason he parked there was because of the storm and heavy rain we were experiencing when he arrived. I advised him I was aware he had been warned about one month ago about parking in the handicap space. He said he has not done so since that time and only did it tonight due to the storm," Hipp wrote in his report.

The mayor faces a maximum fine of $250.



we have trouble in paradise,everybody gettin everybody,you had better toughen up Mayor Duncan or get out

sounds like b.o...

If the Mayor is not fined the max amount of $250.00, then parking in Norwalk should be a free for all and let everyone park where and how they want to. Imagine being able to park in the fire station driveway during "heavy rain"


Well that settles that, he must be on the Sheriff's side.

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oh my oh my

You can buy an awful lot of umbrellas for $250. I give two thumbs up to Captain Hipp for having the ballz to slap his boss with a citation.




Hipp found his ticket book good for him he will be reward with great praise from the party. What a waste. lol.


Are you saying the officer is a waste for giving the ticket?


The mayor must have forgotten his prosthesis.


He's not above the law now but if he gets off without a fine, then he will be above the law.


right is right and wrong is wrong mayor. Pay the fine NO EXCUSES!!!!!!


Shame on Mayor Duncan. I spend a lot of time trying to find an open handicap space for my husband, and I am amazed at how many cars without placards are parked in those spaces. It's a big problem in this town.

Fibber Mcgee

We have all seen people that park in handicap spaces and wonder if they really need them, to have a mayor do this, priceless. Congrats to the NPD.

Estrella Damm

I just assume that their handicap is mental and not physical.

A Marine Mom

Way to keep it classy E-Damm.

Estrella Damm

Half the people you meet are below average.


Below average is the new average. That's why you and I are superior, E. we've blown the bell curve and are much maligned.


Okay, but the mayor is not responsible for the other people, the NPD should be doing their job.


I personally think many WITH handicap stickers should be fined and have revoked as well.
How many times i see some small 2-seater sports car parked with a hanging sign.....knowing darn well if someone truly had trouble walking (bad back,legs) they certainly would NOT be able to get in and out of the car..
I think way too many spots have been created also.

If doctors quit handing out stickers for every Tom, Dick, and Harry who feels they have a hang nail or over weight to the point they SHOULD actually do more walking... then the true handicap would have spaces when needed while still providing spaces for the mass.

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You are correct. I have a acquaintance of mine who has a sticker & laughs about it.

If you can't find a handicapped parking place, just go to Wal-Mart....there are 100 of them empty all day long.


Truckin. I concur.
Too many reserved spaces. At McDonald's #4, the first 5 spots on the right are blue begone. Wal Mart can't keep enough electric recreational vehicles charged up. Why? How did all these low riders get into the store initially? Should obesity be classified as handicapped?
The article read as if the Mayor parked in a reserved spot during a thick rain in the evening hours. I would have done the same. For practicality. Pragmatism. I like that in a Mayor. What are the odds that during those hours, during that weather, there was going to be a handicapped parking emergency? What are the odds that you're going to read about me being run over by a swarming half dozen electric Wal mart shoppers, aka the angry placard gang?
Pretty good, I'd wager.
Someone come visit me in the E.R.
Park in a handicapped space while you do so. It'll cheer me up.

Fibber Mcgee

To be warned about it once before, and then say, that he hasn't done it since the last time? He sounds like a five year old. Sorry, but it bothers me that he thinks he is above everybody else. Agree with truckin.


The mayor may not be above the law, but my bet is that some of you people that commented on this park in the handicap space as well. The mayor is a person as well, and this article was absolutely pointless. It is sad that the newspaper has nothing better to do than make articles that otherwise "bash" our mayor.

In my opinon

The point is he BROKE the law. He is the head of our city and should set good examples. What if a true handicap person needed the spot during the storm? Can't defend him on this one..


Okay, but people BRAKE the law every day. Obviously it was in front of the police station, in a storm and Obviously it was not a place like Wal-Mart with an abundance of handicapped people. I am not justifying his actions, I am saying that people are making more of this than should be made of it. Yes, he should pay the fee, and he will. Putting it in the newspaper and on fox 8 news is ridiculous. And yes, he is the head of the city, but he is also human and makes mistakes and he can correct them without the whole state of Ohio knowing about it. P.s. if you are going to post your opinion in the use of correcting others, base it on facts, not on "what if".


Like using the word 'BREAK' instead of 'BRAKE?'


Re: "he parked there was because of the storm and heavy rain we were experiencing when he arrived."

Say "Yes officer" and accept the consequences like a man, instead of offering lame excuses.

Do hard-pressed taxpayers a favor Mayor: Plead guilty, pay the fine and try not to waste any more public employee time than is necessary.

Dr. Information

Dang blowhards relax. He will get a ticket and fine and he knows this.


Politicians think they are above the law.


That explains why my 89 year old mother had to take her walker and walk from the regular parking lot that day, thanks mayor, may god bless you.