Bar145° shooting for a late July opening for Norwalk location

More details released about planned bar/restaurant hybrid.
Scott Seitz2
May 5, 2014


Local motorists might have noticed a sign for Bar145° is now in the window at the former Bob Evans property.

Crews were on-site at the Milan Avenue location Thursday performing demolition work.

"First, we removed the ceilings," said Craig Roberts, co-owner of Legends, project contractor.

Other aspects of the demolition included removal of the kitchen, drywall and ceramic tile floor.

"It's basically an interior demolition," Roberts said, adding the building is in great shape overall.

"Right now, we're just waiting on the building permits and still working on the design drawings," Roberts said.

Milan resident Dan Frederick is the project architect.

"There were a lot of things already in place like the electric and plumbing, which makes things a little easier," Roberts said.

The contractor and Bar145° co-owners Jeremy Fitzgerald and George Simon are also waiting on city council to approve a job creation grant agreement for the project, which council is expected to do at Tuesday's meeting.

Fitzgerald and Simon talked Thursday about what local residents can expect from Bar145° once it opens in late July.

"You can expect Put-in-Bay entertainment right here in Norwalk," Fitzgerald said.

Fitzgerald's father owns Mr. Ed's on Put-in-Bay.

Fitzgerald promised the restaurant will be like no other in the area.

"That's including Sandusky," he said. "The Bar145° will fill a void. There's really nothing else like us in the whole area."

The restaurant will feature chef-quality food and live entertainment.

Fitzgerald said acoustic musicians will perform and rock bands will hit the stage on weekends.

"These bands will come in from places like Chicago and Nashville," he said.

Fitzgerald and Simon, who also own Bar145° restaurants in Kent, Toledo and Columbus, said the out-of-state bands will conduct a mini-tour of the restaurants.

"We can offer them multiple nights," he said. "They might be in Columbus on a Friday and here on a Saturday."

Fitzgerald said this will not be a normal bar.

Bar145° is known for its burgers, bands and bourbon.

"There won't be any chicken wings or chicken chunks here," Fitzgerald said.

The hours will be likely by 11 a.m. to 2:30 a.m.

A Bar145° is scheduled to open in Avon in October.

Fitzgerald said customer service is the top priority.

"That's the big reason why we've been successful," he said.

"Our employees go through an extensive training program," Simon added.

Simon also owns 40 Verizon stores, including in Norwalk.

"We are hands-on owners," Simon said. "It's really fun building a brand from the ground up.

"This is gourmet food in a bar setting," Simon said.

Simon explained why the owners chose Norwalk.

"It's nice to be able to explore a smaller market and Ken (Russ, Legends co-owner) brought this opportunity to us," Simon said. "This is a giant test for us."

Once the restaurant is complete, it will feature a 1,500-square-foot patio.



Can't wait ! the menu looks awesome. Good Luck to all involved in this project.


Re: "Bar145° shooting"???

The place isn't even open yet and there's been an incident? :)


If the food and atmosphere are top-notch, people will come from far and wide.

I've been told that people would come from Cleveland to eat at "Joseppi's" back in the day.

Fibber Mcgee

You are back!:)

Kottage Kat

Please clarify " incident "
Thank you

A Marine Mom

KK: I believe 'incident' refers to the term 'shooting' in the title of the article. I think Contago's comment was meant be be funny, hence the smiling face. :)

Kottage Kat

Well,golly I missed the humor.
Shame on me

A Marine Mom

So did I. I had to read the article several times since I couldn't figure it out either. I could very well be wrong though. :)

shovelhead's picture

Do these places have the NTN playmaker trivia games like BW3?

Dr. Information

No, I do not believe they do. They don't want campers sitting there drinking pop all day long eating up seats.

shovelhead's picture

I thought they sold beer & pop? Sitting there buying drinks is the idea, right?


Yea, but Dr. information must be a little snooty. Him no like camper people. They no good enough.


Feel that this restaurant will draw a great clientele. Something different than the same old same. Bet it will be a hit.

Dr. Information

Me too. I think it will go over very well in this area considering there is no solid weekly entertainment.


It will do very well due to the entertainment


ok I believe that Norwalk has a limited number of yuppies and an infinite number of rednecks,so I predict failure


You're killin' me Duck.
It will fail, but I will eat there 3 times a week until it does. Norwalk inhabitants like to blather on about quality eateries within city limits, but they will not support 145 beyond its inaugural summer.
Norwalk has at least 8 fast food restaurants, countless pizza vendors and enough Asian buffet to satisfy its caloric fix. The county seat is a fast food kinda town. Probably busy looking for work.


Interesting they own the Verizon store in Norwalk. Customer service is terrible. Was there once and they are rude so go to Sandusky store when need something done now. Heard this many times about the local store. In fact just seen 2 people today complaining about this on Facebook and how rude they are. Sure hope their service is good at bar 145. Can't wait to see.

Now The Rest of...

Some people with lots of time on their hands enjoy being negative. I am looking forward to a place where your can enjoy an evening, I am not afraid to spend money on upscale food and beverages. Its not the amount you pay its what you get, clearly not a Bubba light and wings place.


Bar145 in Kent is very nice. I went to see a band there and it was a very good time.

sounds like b.o...

I would love to enjoy the food and atmosphere in an establishment such as Bar 145. At the present time you have to travel to enjoy establishments of this type. I wish them much success, but i think their tenure will be short lived. Think they would have a better chance in Norwalk if they served cold meatloaf on library paste white bread with Miracle whip and warm cans of Buckhorn beer


I am going to take my one shot at predicting the future and becoming the future Dr. Peter Schiff (guy who predicted the 2007-2008 American Financial Crisis). I predict failure within two years. Not because the restaurant or entertainment isn't great, but because Norwalk operates at a very low economic demographics. Now if Norwalk had other tourist attractions (Like Sandusky with Cedar Point), I think they would stand a better chance. Many residents of Norwalk have big city taste with small city financial resources.


Norwalk residents expect a lot with not paying a lot. If I wanted a burger and beer I would go to Bluto's. If I want somewhere low key good food and drinks I would go the Dinky. If I want to party I would then go to the Office bar then end my night at Rupps. If I want to go all out I sure wouldn't spend my night in Norwalk at all. I support the local owners there because they are respectable people. Unlike that current owner opening up this bar. They are the same people that own that Verizon in Norwalk and that is a joke. That guy is a complete dbag. I wouldn't walk into any place that guy owned. Good luck on that future failure. Norwalk is a tough crowd and they should of done more research about the community first.