ACLU asks governor to suspend executions through 2015

In light of reportedly botched lethal injections and recommendations by taskforce, Ohio should suspend enforcing death penalty, group says.
Norwalk Reflector Staff
May 3, 2014


The American Civil Liberties Union of Ohio called on Gov. John Kasich to grant clemency to Arthur Tyler and suspend the next nine executions through 2015.

The request comes the day after the Ohio Parole Board unanimously recommended clemency for Tyler and the state of Oklahoma administered a botched execution eerily reminiscent of past Ohio botched executions.

"Now is the time for Ohio to pause executions while state leaders look to reform the system," said ACLU of Ohio Director of Communications & Public Policy Mike Brickner. "The botched execution in Oklahoma is another sad reminder of how broken our death penalty system is. After four botched executions in less than a decade, Ohio is at great risk of more problems with lethal injections. At this critical time where reform of the death penalty is possible, neither the public nor elected officials need the specter of botched executions distracting from this important work."

"Pausing executions is not about whether Governor Kasich agrees with the death penalty," added Brickner. "Even supporters of the death penalty should agree that it must be fair, humane, and comply with our Constitution. The recent problems with lethal injections and those pointed out by the Ohio Supreme Court Taskforce suggest we have much work to do to before we should resume executions."

To read the letter to the governor, click on the link below.





I'm not really sure why there are so many apparently botched lethal injection executions...I mean seriously, animals are successfully euthanized every single day. It seems like lethal injection should be a no brainer.


These people are dying for their heinous crimes they committed. Does it really matter how they die? If so, then why don't we do to them as they did there victims. Seems only fair and humane.


How about killing them the way they did their victim ? Don't give me that stooping to their level crap either. God had no problem drowning everyone or killing everyone in Gomorrah !


Just shoot them.