Police shoot dog in yard during search

Witnesses say 12-year-old male pitbull inside fenced yard was not lunging, growling or barking.
TNS Regional News
May 2, 2014


Police shot a dog Tuesday in North Toledo while executing a search warrant with the SWAT team.

Gregory Schrecongost, 26, of 1868 Chase St. was arrested on three drug-related charges after police searched his home.

People at the scene said officers shot Schrecongost’s 12-year-old male pitbull that had been inside the fenced yard when police arrived.

Police allegedly shot the dog — which onlookers said was not lunging, growling, or barking — from the sidewalk in front of the house before entering the gate.

Police officials could not be reached for comment later Tuesday, but department policy states, “Officers may use a firearm to destroy a dangerous animal that poses an immediate threat to the officer or others.”

The dog did not die on the scene, but people there said it was shot twice with a shotgun and suffered significant jaw and shoulder injuries. The dog was taken to a veterinary hospital to be euthanized and was then buried in the yard with neighbors’ help.


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Police love to shoot things. even if it was in a fence


I should say Police love to shoot dogs. its a fact there is a lot of evidence to support this eg. all the news articles that show police shooting dogs for now reason other than to satisfy some blood lust probably from lack of love as a child or sexual abuse by a relative who knows really.


You know they had to have just cause to get the warrant which means they probably staked this guys house out, which would mean they knew about the dog. So the dog warden is a armed officer of the law and could have easily been on scene to keep the dog out of the officers way. They could have surrounded the house caught the dog and then arrested the guy.

In my opinon

Yep, Not recently but years ago a dog chained on Parsons was shot and killed and also a koala bear on a roof by Valley Park Dr. Lots of raccoons and many other Gods little critters succumb to the wrath of the police.


I wish they would have missed the dog and shot the dealer


I think it's sad how police have been shooting and killing dogs. Obviously, this is bad for them (the police) because there are witnesses BUT courts usually listen to the side of the law unfortunately.
Answer to this problem - DON'T do anything illegal while owning a dog!